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The Best On-the-Go Beauty Essentials You Need nbsp

The Best On-the-Go Beauty Essentials You Need  

There's no need to carry your entire makeup bag with you at all times, as long as you make sure you have all of your beauty essentials! Take a look here.


Photo: Manu Camargo via Unsplash

In the fast-paced working world we live in, it can be difficult to maintain and manage our own beauty. We can only carry a limited number of items before you head out the door. Nevertheless, here are the best on the go beauty essentials you need.

Mobile Styles

Mobile Styles is an on-demand app that brings health and beauty professionals to your door anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re at home or at the office, with a few simple clicks of this app, you’ll have a professional at your door in no time. The app offers all the services and amenities you can find at your favorite local salon. Registration is simple, as is the booking process, the app caters to both the client and the professional.

This app is a lifesaver and ought to be on the top of your list of essentials when you're on the go. A busy lifestyle means you have to cater to your beauty on your own time. If you work a nine to five job, that means you have to try and book an appointment during the late hours. Unfortunately, that’s just not possible with a traditional salon. With Mobile Styles, it’s no problem! Also, if you’re traveling for work and have a flight departing in the afternoon and are in need of a hairdo, Mobile Styles has got you covered. When Mobile Styles says anytime, anywhere, they mean just that! So be sure to add this lifesaver of an app to your beauty essential list now.


Photo: Raphael Lovaski via Unsplash 

The Perfect Moisturizer

Keeping your skin moisturized is incredibly important, doing so keeps your face bright and radiant and smooths your lines. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is the perfect essential to do just that. It runs just below $50 on Sephora.

An Effortless Foundation

No foundation brush needed with this item, just use your fingers and you’re set, perfect for when you’re on the go. Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Serum SPF 30 is the next essential you’ll need. It runs at around $60 at Sephora.  

Facial Cleanser

At the end of the day, you’ll want to clean away all the sunscreen, makeup, and dirt. The Foreo Luna Play Plus Facial Cleanser will work wonders on your skin, you’ll come to find it can be more effective than regular washing. It runs just below $50 on Sephora.  


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