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Backpack Essentials for College Students

Backpack Essentials for College Students

We all need a cool backpack filled with everything that we need to survive our day at school.


Image by Jake Ingle with Unsplash

With the school year coming to a close, this means a new one is just around the corner. Sadly, the summer goes by in a blink of an eye. But for those of you venturing off to college, this is an exciting thing. This new adventure in your life will bring you all sorts of good things. From new friends and a new campus you have yet to explore the corners of to new classes and professors who have yet to know your name, you are in for a treat.

The only thing left to do to prepare for this next adventure, besides getting everything in your life in order, is getting your backpack and the essentials that come with it. Now you may think you’ve done this whole class, library, school thing, and have it mastered, but take it from me, in college things change. Not to worry though, I have been in your shoes and will help you take some weight off, with a list of essentials you’ll want in your backpack.

Pencil case & favorite writing utensils

I know it sounds nerdy, but after a week of taking notes, I swear you’ll have your favorite everything. I promise you, you’ll have everything from a favorite red pen to a highlighter that smears just right or a lead pencil that’s just soft enough to make a perfect curve on your “g.” I hate to tell you, but college only makes you nerdier... and yes, you should write notes by hand! It’s proven to make the material stick longer in your brain.

Image by Dean Pugh with Unsplash

Phone charger

No, if you charged your phone overnight it will not last the entire day. Plus, bouncing from class to class makes it very difficult to venture home to throw some charge on your phone, so just listen to me on this one.

A thin long-sleeve

For some reason, it seems that college buildings are significantly colder than any other building. I am not sure why they insist on blasting the air conditioning, but I promise, having a long sleeve to throw over your head will change the game.

Water bottle

Sitting in a class and finding yourself parched with nothing to help cure it can be pure torture. So instead of risking this, grab a reusable water bottle and just keep it in your backpack. That way you’ll always have it and not have to live through trying to put your head under the sink in the bathroom.


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