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Get Glowing Sun-kissed Skin without the Sun

Get Glowing Sun-kissed Skin without the Sun!

We all want glowing, sun-kissed skin... without the harmful damage from the sun. That's why we have the best bronzer options for a healthy summer glow.

This summer is all about glowing beautiful skin... the healthy way! Long gone are the days when you would sit in the sun for hours hoping for a beautifully even tan or in a crowded tanning salon trying to figure out what color tan works best for you. It takes too much time, and the sun can cause major skin damage. So what are the celebs doing to get their gorgeous glow? The answer is bronzer! Here are the best bronzers to try this summer!


  1. Becca x Becca

Becca Cosmetics is known for putting out some of the most beautiful bronzers you ever did see. Their products are so loved that even celebrities partner up with them. The Becca x Khloe and Malika bronzer and glow kit is a beauty favorite. With four different shades, you can create the summery, bronzed look of your dreams!

  1. Fenty Body Lava

Rihanna struck gold, literally, with this one. When it comes to bronzers we have a ton to choose from, but what about giving your body some love. Fenty’s Body Lava does give your body the glow you have always wanted, and this time you don’t have to sit in the sun to get it!

  1. Fit Me bronzer by Maybelline

At five bucks, you can’t go wrong with this bronzer. It’s not only affordable but it does an amazing job of giving you the glow your after. Less is more so swipe this baby on for a subtle glow on the contours of your skin.


  1. Mac Bronzing Powder

Mac has never failed to capture people when it comes to cool innovative products, and bronzer is no different. This bronzer is effortless and eye-catching just like the celebrities that swear by it!

  1. Jouer Mineral Powder Bronzer

Jouer graces the makeup and skin care industry with the latest in products that are formulated to mimic and compliment the skin tone. Their Mineral bronzer is no exception. This bronzer gives you a natural looking glow without the sun.

These Bronzers are loved by some of our favorite celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and veteran Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio. These bronzers will have your skin looking amazing and sun-kissed at the stroke of a makeup brush. You’ll have the glow to match your favorite celebrity divas. And like I always say, if you can’t BE them, join them!


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