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Foods that Can also Boost Your Mood

Foods that Can also Boost Your Mood

In fact, there are certain foods out there, and even full lifestyle changing diets, that can help boost everything from your energy to your mood.


Image by Ben White with Unsplash

As we all know, food is a very crucial ingredient to our survival, but it can also do a lot more than just satisfy that growling stomach of yours. In fact, there are certain foods out there, and even full lifestyle changing diets, that can help boost everything from your energy to your mood. I don’t know about you, but when Monday morning rolls around, and I’m groggy and grumpy, having something in the fridge to help perk up my vibe sounds pretty great to me.  

Starting with the basics 

Ok, now I know I’ve been discussing foods that WILL boost your mood. Before we begin, however, I need to let you know about the foods that can do just the opposite. These foods include items such as candy, white bread, and pretty much anything processed. Candy, or similar high sugar foods, give you a fake high, or sugar rush as we all know it. This rush is caused by the sugar and causes you to crash down pretty soon after, making you tired, groggy, and irritable. Similarly to candy, white bread will give you a fake energy boost due to their empty calories, and once again you’ll crash. White bread also tends to make you hungrier throughout the day because they truly serve zero nutritional value.


Image by Thought Catalog with Unsplash

Good fat

Now, I will get into the foods that you should actually be purchasing during your next grocery store run - the good fats. This food group involves items such as avocados, salmon, walnuts, pistachios, almonds, dark chocolate, and lastly (but absolutely not least), peanut butter. Good fats are the types of foods that make you feel full and KEEP you successfully satisfied. Additionally, they are great with helping neurotransmitters function in your brain. This basically means these foods help your brain work in healthy ways, and in turn, help your mood stay level. There are plenty of foods that contain good fat out there that you can add to your diet. Just make sure to do your research first to make sure it’s accurate!


Image by Vince Lee with Unsplash

Fruits & veggies

When your mom used to nag you about eating your fruits and veggies, it wasn’t because she wanted to bother you, it was because they truly are amazing for you. Fruits, such as blueberries, have high levels of antioxidants which can help with anxiety and depression, and they can help cure that afternoon sweet tooth. Veggies, such as kale and spinach, can help boost your iron levels, and similar to good fats, they help with brain function. Now, if you’re like me and don’t necessarily like veggies, there are ways you can sneak them into your smoothies and mask the taste completely!   


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