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Here are some Affordable Gifts for Fatherrsquos Day

Here are some Affordable Gifts for Father’s Day

It's Father's Day — the time to show your dad your appreciation for everything he's done. Check out these affordable Father's Day gifts!


Image by Liane Metzler with Unsplash

There are few ways to show someone important, like a parental figure, just how much you appreciate them. Now, it may just be me, but I have found out that showing someone how much they mean to you, like your father on Father’s Day, takes more than buying them just another tangible item for their shelf. Of course, it is always the thought that counts, don’t get me wrong on that one. However, doing an activity with them that they love, or making them a special card, is a lot more thoughtful in my book.

In addition to my thought on a day spent together warming the heart more than money spent, there is also the issue regarding the fact that not all of us have the money to go spend on a gift. In fact, if you’re anything like me and my friends, there’s barely enough money in your account to spend on gas, much less a meaningful present. Plus, wouldn’t you rather your old man think back on his day and remember the activities and laughter you got to experience together, rather than have to dig deep in his memory to trigger the wrapped gift you got him? I know I would.

So, I have decided to create a list of things you could do or make for your father on this Father's Day, to show how much you love him, all while saving you money and creating memories he's forever cherish. 


Image by Filios Sazeides with Unsplash

Go outside

My dad is the type of guy who absolutely loves outdoor activities. Whether it’s golfing, riding a bike, or even just walking, as long as it’s getting him outside he’s going to do it. So, if your dad is similar, let him know before the big day that you’ve set aside a few hours for time to spend with him outside doing an outdoor activity of his choice. I know it would mean a whole lot to my dad if I offered to go hit golf balls with him on Father’s Day, simply because it would show him I care and notice what he does on his free time... and that in itself is a big move.


Image by Denise Jans with Unsplash

Watch his favorite movie

I’m not sure what it is about dads, but they all have a favorite classic movie that they have held onto for year. The common ones seem to be Caddyshack or The Shawshank Redemption... don’t ask me why, but man do those titles and the word dad go together well in a sentence. Anyways, sitting on the couch with your dad and taking the time to watch his favorite movie with him shows him your love. Even just this little gesture goes a long way because you’re not just showing him you appreciate time with him, but also that you’re willing to give up doing something else and spend it with your old man.


Image by Hannah Tasker with Unsplash

Make him his favorite meal

Cooking for someone can show them you care about them in very expansive ways. First, it shows them you care enough to spend time in the kitchen making them a delicious meal. Second, it expresses your gratitude towards what they do for you in life. And lastly, it gives them the chance to kick back and relax without having to wonder what they’re going to do for dinner (or breakfast or lunch). This simple gesture opens the doors to you showing them you love them by cooking their favorite meal, and then sharing the time eating it together, and once again creating a memory.


Image by Freddy Castro with Unsplash

If you can’t be with him

Now, for those of you (including me this year) who can’t spend this year with your dad on Father’s day, don’t worry. This can create some challenges in showing them you love them without spending money, but it’s still doable. So, if this is the case for you, send your dad a nice card with a thoughtful, handwritten message expressing your love and appreciation for all the things he's done for you. This can be very touching, so I suggest for you to do this, and give him a nice long phone call.

Remember, dads are special, so show them that and always keep in mind, a little goes a long way.


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