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How to Protect  Maintain Your Hair Color during the Summer

How to Protect & Maintain Your Hair Color during the Summer

Don't let the sun and its elements stop you from enjoying the outdoors this summer. Marco Pelusi sheds light on how to get your hair summer-ready.


Photo by Afa Ah Loo on Unsplash

While you may love spending time outdoors during the summer, the sun and elements that go with it can ruin your hair color, fast. Of course, if you’ve invested in your hairstyle, you want your colorist’s beautiful work to last as long as possible. We chatted with Marco Pelusi, globally recognized hair color authority, renowned platform artist, educator, salon owner, and fashion-forward celebrity stylist to get his tips for maintaining summer hair color.

Marco explains that the biggest problem for hair color in the summer is being exposed to the sun because this leads to oxidation. Thankfully, Marco has several helpful tricks for protecting your color. First, Marco shares that it is a good idea to use a hair care product that contains sunscreen. Look for products that contain Benzophenone because it helps guard against sun damage.


Photo by Brad Halcrow on Unsplash

One easy tip Marco suggests is to wear a hat. “If you are golfing or sitting outside at the pool, cover your head, cover your hair, and do not expose it to the sunlight,” Marco says.

“Another big no-no is swimming,” explains Marco. “The hair is like a sponge --whatever it absorbs first is what will affect the hair the most.” For blondes, this can mean chlorine turning their hair green. Pools can ruin red or brown hair color too. Don’t worry, those of us who enjoy swimming in the summer will appreciate this helpful tip for protecting your hair in pools. Marco suggests wetting the hair with plain water and slathering your hair with conditioner before entering the swimming pool so that the chlorine will roll off.

When it comes to top products for protecting hair color in the summer, Marco says to use a color-safe product that is specifically designed to preserve color. He also tells us to stay away from products that contain mineral oils or too much alcohol. “Marco Collagen Color Guard is a good choice because the collagen helps to fill in the missing holes that allow the color to shine through,” explains Marco. He also adds that if you notice a buildup of chlorine or other summer elements to use a clarifying shampoo that is safe for color.

For color that’s easier to maintain in the summer, Marco recommends adding highlights and going blonder. “If you are a brunette, add highlights and go lighter. No matter what you do and how hard you try to avoid the sun, you’re going to be outside in the summer. It’s best to work with the seasons -- and if you lighten your hair you’ll have a chance of it lasting a little longer.”

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