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Do-It-Yourself 4th of July Outfits

Do-It-Yourself 4th of July Outfits

Still looking for cool outfits to wear this 4th of July, but don't know where to start? Here's a starter list to get you on the right track.


The happiest, most festive, most exciting holiday has arrived my friends... or at least in my opinion. Not only do you get to be outside enjoying the summer heat all day long, but you get to rock a fun outfit while you’re at it. Whether you have party plans, bar-b-que plans, or you’re simply playing it by ear, there is no reason not to get excited about rockin’ that red, white, and blue. Now, I know it can be difficult finding the perfect outfit that you can frolic around in, still look cute, and not be wearing the same thing as last year. So, I am here to help you with outfits that you can throw together yourself that will add some spice and some fun into getting ready.


The kicks 

I’m not sure why, but when this holiday rolls around, sneakers immediately come to mind... specifically white Converse. With these or any other pair of sneakers, you can get creative with either dyeing the shoe, dyeing the laces, or mixing and matching the laces. I unlace my shoes and then dye one lace red and the other blue. This way I can keep my shoes white and once the holiday is over, I can simply find another pair of laces and replace them. You could also go as far as dyeing one of your shoes red, keeping one white, and turning the laces blue. The world is your oyster. Just make sure to wear gloves when dyeing your shoes or laces and make sure you don't create an unnecessary mess you'll regret. 


Tie-dye Looks

Again with the tie-dye, I know. This DIY addition to your 4th of July outfit can be so much fun. You and your friends can all get together and make red, white, and blue tie-dye shirts that will complement any outfit. Just grab a pack of white T’s and a tie-dye kit from Target, and you’re good to go. You can also cut your shirts in fun ways that will add a little more originality to your look. You can also throw the tie-dye look into your outfit or include yourself in the tie-dye festivities with a pair of socks or even a bandana. And if you’re really feeling crazy, all three.


The Accessories

Not all of us are into wearing the head-to-toe red, white, and blue look. If this is the case, accessories should be your go to. From nail polish to bracelets to your hair tie, the options are limitless. With your nails, you have options from the classic red, white, and blue rotation to painting little flags and stars (if you’re an expert). As for bracelets, necklaces, or anklets, grab some white string from the store and some cute little beads, and you can thread yourself a charming batch that can easily complement any look. 

My personal favorite accessory is the headband or hair tie. If you have an old red, white, or blue (or all) shirt laying around (and I’m sure you do), cut off the waistband, or the sleeve band, and snip it so it opens to one long strand. You now have a band that can either be tied around the top of your head with a cute little knot or cinched around your ponytail and a little tie. I’d recommend cutting one piece from each colored shirt (or once again dying them) and braiding them together for a more detailed band.

No matter what you pick for your outfit, you’re going to look great. Now go have fun and wave that flag like there’s no tomorrow. 


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