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Independence Day Inspo 4th of July Makeup Ideas

Independence Day Inspo: 4th of July Makeup Ideas

This 4th of July is all about standing out and being as bright as a firework! For fun 4th of July makeup ideas, read on my friends!


Glitter, glitter, and, did I mention, more GLITTER?!

Shine bright like a diamond, or better yet firework, with a fiery and eye-catching glitter look! Get patriotic with glitter. Use white or silver brow bone highlight to make your inner eye pop. For the main attraction, use bright blue glitter on your eyelid. PRO TIP: Use Too Faced Glitter Glue primer before applying the glitter to make sure it stays. Create a red, glitter lip with some red lipstick and glitter, of course! Apply red lipstick on your lips, then dab some glitter primer on top. After it becomes tacky, use your finger to apply the red glitter on your lips. This will create a stunning, chic look that will impress your whole family.

Festive false eyelashes

Did you know they make 4th of July fake eyelashes? I didn’t either until I saw my own mother wear them last year at our Independence Day BBQ. They're festive, eye-catching, and super fun! If you want to pull off a glam, fun look, these eyelashes are perfect for you (thanks, Amazon!). Stack the festive 4th of July lashes over another set of black lashes for a fuller lash look.


Shine bright and be a star

Celebrate the stars on our flag by drawing them on your face! Get creative and apply some stars as freckles or embellishments to your eyeshadow look. If you’re not that great at drawing, buy some star stickers and glue them, with eyelash glue, to your face. This may not be an everyday, natural, look, but it’s the 4th of July. Get creative and have fun!


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