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Transform Your Lifestyle with these Top 10 Blogs for Men

Transform Your Lifestyle with these Top 10 Blogs for Men!

In a world full of women's blogs and websites, have you ever found yourself wondering, “What about the guys?” Check out these top 10 blogs for men!


If you’ve ever found yourself in any of these categories when it comes to the art of being a gentleman, then this list is for you! Take a look at these blogs and change your life.

The Art of Manliness 

This blog dives into what it means to be a man. They write about style, character, culture, and other topics designed to help men get ahead in their personal and professional life.



This fun blog puts out content that every man should follow. Humor, dating, diet, and grooming are just a few of the topics that they touch on with their articles.  


Like the tagline says… It’s everything your dad didn’t teach you about shaving and grooming. This blog is basically the groomers bible to beautiful hair and an even better beard. 

Ape to Gentleman 

It's not just the clever name that draws men into this blog. It's the wealth of lifestyle inspiration and fashion. They review the latest in gadgets, cars, and grooming as well making this a well-rounded blog that every man should be visiting!

20 Something Finance 

Men should always be conscious of their money and this informative finance blog does the trick. They pride themselves on helping people build wealth and educating them on the importance of having their finances in order for the present and the future.


What I love about is that it is a true blue blog. It helps men to dig deeper than the superficial and mainstream lifestyle and dive into who they are as a person. This blog is the epitome of a “judgment-free” zone. Wellness of the mind is important too. Zen Habits understands that and promotes it.

Mark’s Daily Apple 

Mark Sisson is an older gentleman that lives and breathes a healthy lifestyle. At 64 years of age, he is on a mission to encourage people to live a healthier life. I love that he is taking all of his wisdom from years of experience and imparting it on the younger generations.


The Urban Gentleman 

Talk about men’s style. This blog is fashion, style, entertainment, health, and fitness, as well as grooming at its most chic. This stylish blog reminds me of pop culture at its best and delivers exactly what you need to know about both mainstream and upcoming trends.


This sophisticated website is all about gear. From tech to cars to whiskey, this is a true gentleman’s blog. Every guy has a guilty pleasure, and Uncrate could easily become one of them!

DIY Pete 

This blog is for the manly man who likes to do things for himself. You can learn how to build furniture, and, quite honestly, upgrade your entire place all by the strength of your own hands with DIY Pete as your guide. 

These blogs should be in every guy’s arsenal when it comes to life, style, gadgets, health and wellness, and everything in between. If you start here, you’ll notice that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you start to research these blogs, you’ll see all of the advice you can find on all things that revolve around a man’s world!


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