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10 Vegan Beauty Products You Must Know

10 Vegan Beauty Products You Must Know

Looking for beauty products that are greener and cruelty-free without sacrificing quality? Here are the best, must-buy vegan beauty products.


Photo via Unsplash

As a society, we usually connect the word “vegan” and “veganism” with diet. We think of not consuming meat or dairy products and promoting plant-based eating. If you’re looking into making better choices for your body, becoming vegan is a great option because it promotes clean eating. However, when it comes to buying beauty products, not many consumers think of using or purchasing “vegan” merchandises.

What does “vegan beauty products” mean?


Photo via Unsplash

When a beauty/skincare product is vegan that means that no animal by-product is used in the making of the good. It also means that the beauty item was not tested on animals before being released to the public. Usually, vegan products are accompanied by a “cruelty-free” sticker. 

So what vegan products should I purchase?

Interested in giving vegan beauty products a try but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, I got you! These are my top 10 vegan beauty products.

  1. Sun Bum Sunblock - Good skincare starts with a good foundation. Sun Bum is a great smelling sunscreen that protects the skin from the sun's harsh UV rays.

  2. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer - This concealer is every beauty guru’s favorite! Full coverage and cruelty-free, it’s a win-win. 

  3. Beauty Blenders - This makeup sponge smoothes your foundation and concealer extremely well!

  4. Elf Highlighter - It’s affordable and will help you shine.

  5. Milk’s Clear Brow Gel - Get perfect brows instantly!

  6. EcoTool Brushes - Apply your makeup with these vegan brushes. Added bonus: they’re really affordable.

  7. Eylure Fake Lashes - Most fake lashes aren’t vegan because they use mink fur to create the lashes, but Eylure avoids this. Get the bold look you crave without hurting animals.

  8. China Glaze Nail Products - Paint your nails guilt-free! China Glaze polish is affordable and cute.

  9. Lime Crime Hair Color - Want to dye your hair without compromising your vegan values? Lime Crime offers vegan and cruelty-free hair dye in a variety of fun colors.

  10. The BodyShop Products - The BodyShop provides wonderful smelling lotions and beauty products that will make your skin glow. 

If you’re interested in transitioning your beauty/skin products to all vegan products, make sure you do your research before purchasing.  


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