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Eat Up 50 Snacks Under 50 Calories

Eat Up! 50 Snacks Under 50 Calories

Summer is here, which means it’s swimsuit season! If you’re like me, you slack on working out and eating healthy. Here are 50 snacks under 50 calories.


It’s important to note that cutting calories may help you lose weight, but will also naturally slow down its metabolism and store fat. So cutting your caloric intake may help you shed those added pounds fast, but it is not sustainable. 

However, if you’re used to snacking on fries or chips and are seeking a list of healthier options with fewer calories, look no further!

Before we dive into all the delicious snacks, it should be noted that what you eat depends on what you want to achieve. For example, do you simply wish to lose weight? Do you want to gain muscles? Before making any drastic changes to your diet or exercise routine, consult with your doctor and trainer to ensure you’re making the best changes for your body.

Fruit Snacks Under 50 Calories

  1. Orange

  2. A small apple

  3. 12 strawberries

  4. 10 cherries

  5. Plum

  6. Cantaloupe

  7. Tomato with a dash of salt

  8. Small peach

  9. Kiwi

  10. ½ of a large banana

  11. Small box of raisins 

  12. Around 14 grapes

  13. Honestly, all fruit is considered healthy. Keep in mind that even though they are healthy, fruit still contains natural sugars and should be eaten in moderation. But if you’re trying low-calorie snacks, try some berries. They have less natural sugar. Even melon has a lot of water to keep you full and hydrated.


Salty Snacks

  1. Dill pickle

  2. 2 cups of popcorn

  3. Around a handful of pretzels

  4. Rice cake

  5. Olives

  6. 1 cup of miso soup

  7. Mango with lemon and salt

Cheesy Snacks

  1. American Kraft Singles

  2. 15 grams of mini Babybel cheese

  3. Around 1 oz of fat-free cottage cheese

  4. Fat-free string cheese 

  5. A tomato slice topped with parmesan cheese.  

Veggie Snacks

  1. Carrots

  2. Garlic brussel sprouts 

  3. ½ of corn on the cob 

  4. Cucumber 

  5. Celery 

  6. Sunflower seeds (not a vegetable, but still tasty)

  7. Cut bell pepper with 1 tablespoon of hummus

Thirsty? Some Low Cal Drinks

  1. Fat-free hot chocolate

  2. 1 cup of tomato juice

  3. Bubbly Water (comes in a variety of flavors)

  4. Lipton iced tea

  5. ¾ of almond milk

  6. Cappuccino 

  7. Black coffee has zero calories!

Other Tasty Snacks

  1. Fat-free gelatin 

  2. Fat-free pudding

  3. Oysters 

  4. 2 marshmallows 

  5. 2 squares of DARK chocolate 

  6. ½ tablespoon of peanut butter (good protein to hold you over until dinner)

  7. 1 oreo cookie (technically this is 53 calories but sometimes you have to satisfy your craving)

  8. Egg whites

  9. Fat-free Fudgesicle (this is only 43 calories)

  10. 2-3 slices of turkey meat

  11. ½ cup of fat-free yogurt with some fruit

  12. 15 pistachios 

There you have it! 50 snacks under 50 calories. Feel free to mix and match these snacks. For example, I’d recommend eating some peanut butter and celery, it’s a great pairing. 

I’d also like to point out that just because some snacks are listed here does not mean they are good for you. For example, While an oreo maybe under 50 calories, it does not have a lot of nutrients your body needs. Do your research and consult your doctor before making drastic changes.

Good luck this summer!


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