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3 Fun Hairstyles to Rock this Summernbsp

3 Fun Hairstyles to Rock this Summer 

Summer is here, and I find myself continuously leaving my hair in a messy bun to keep it from sticking to my neck. Here are 3 fun hairstyles for summer!


Image by Meg Sanchez with Unsplash

This summer, instead of drying and straightening these locks, I've decided it’s time I found some hairstyles that look cute and perfect for the season. Luckily, with MOBILESTYLES, the on-demand health and beauty app, booking a hairstylist has been a lot easier. I simply go on the app and search for the best hairstylist near me. The beauty of the MOBILESTYLES App is that the PROs come to me, whether I'm at home or in my office. The PROs not only crush it with trendy styles, but they make my hair look great. 


Image by Irina Iriser with Unsplash

The Braids

I recently tried out the french braid, and I absolutely loved it. Not only do these look cute when they are first done, but they continue looking fly even when they’re messy. This means you can rock them for more than one night and you don’t have to worry about bed head. You can either do this yourself (if you’re skilled like that) or have your braids professionally done by a MOBILESTYLES PRO. There are also multiple other types of braids that you can choose from. Between the waterfall, the messy single braid, fishtail, or even a braid that goes into a ponytail, they all look great, and they all scream summer fun!


Image by Tyler Nix with Unsplash

The Messy Bun

I am a huge fan of the messy bun, or top knot if you will. This look is not only easy to do, but it gives your hair a break from the heat of a hairdryer and adds some wave to it when you take it down. The chic look of the bun will complement any outfit and doesn’t require the arm strength other hairstyles do. 


Image by Daniel Monteiro with Unsplash

The Chop

This is for those of you that are ready for change. Short hair is "in" this summer, and it’s looking cuter than ever. If you're sick of your long hair and want to give it a fresh summer look, get a shoulder-length haircut and add a little wave to it. This way it’s off your back and won’t be adding additional heat. The length makes it easier to style, plus it makes your look a little more sophisticated and who doesn’t want that? 


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