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What Dress Shape is Best for You

What Dress Shape is Best for You?

While I love summer, I have always struggled with adding dresses into my wardrobe. That's why I'm unpacking the best dress shapes for your body type!


Image by Tamara Bellis with Unsplash

Recently, I have decided to no longer steer clear of the girly look and instead embrace it. I believe the reason I haven’t loved dresses in the past is that I have been picking the wrong shape for my body. After some research, I'm here to help those of you who are in the same boat as me.

Image by Mike Fox with Unsplash

The Hourglass Beauty

Curves are wonderful. Whatever you do, do not hide them! When it comes to the curvier body shape, the best thing you can do is show it off. Dresses with belts or cinched waists are a great way to do this. Belted looks are a great go-to because you are able to adjust where the dress hits your hips, but if you find the perfect cinched look do not hesitate.


Image by Tamara Bellis with Unsplash

The Pear 

If you're curvier in the hips rather than your upper body and backside, find a dress that hugs your upper ribs to enhance and show off that bust that might otherwise get lost! You can also opt for a t-shirt dress or shift dress to remove the idea of shaping your body and letting the dress do the talking.


Image by Frank Uyt Den Bogaard with Unsplash

The Straight Bod

A bit opposite from the first two, but just as beautiful and exciting to dress! The straight, linear body, looks fantastic in dresses that already have shape without the body in it. Dresses with shoulder pads, cinched waists or that come in towards the hips are good examples of dresses with shape. You can also go for the straight boxy look, just throw on a jacket that falls at the waist to emphasize some shape.


Image by Valerie Elash with Unsplash

The Inverted Triangle

If you have broader shoulders that lead to a thinner midsection with curvier legs to follow, this is you, my dear! The A-line dress shape will do you wonders. This means a dress that is more form-fitting through the top of your body and opens up to a flared hem at the bottom. This look will help your legs and shoulders balance out while showing off those hips, making you ready to take on summer.


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