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Swimsuit Trends that are HOTTER than Summer

Swimsuit Trends that are HOTTER than Summer!

We all know that swimsuits are just like any other fashion items when it comes to going from hot to not.


Image by Raj Eiamworakul with Unsplash

While it’s pretty safe to assume that the typical triangle top and medium coverage bottom will stay fairly regular in the swimsuit world, this summer there are new styles that you will absolutely want to try out. 


Image by Matheus Frade with Unsplash

The Underwire

Underwire has been slowly becoming a trend for a few summers now. But this year it will be in full gear, and ready to make its statement. This look makes the swimsuit a bit sexier and adds a little more shape and support than others. Plus, it comes in multiple styles from underwire in a one piece, to a simple bikini top, making it a staple for every body type. 

The Velvet Swimmy

People are all about the velvet trend this year, even to the point where it has been brought into our swimwear. I’m not complaining, though. In fact, I love it! Velvet not only looks great in the sun, but it adds a little detail to a simple solid colored bathing suit. Similar to the underwire, it looks great in a one piece or a two piece, depending on your preference.


Image by Jakob Owens with Unsplash

The Mid to High Waisted

This look has made its debut in all areas of the fashion world, and now it’s absolutely booming in the swimsuit arena. The higher placed waistband not only covers up the stomach, but it helps those beautiful legs look longer than ever. Just make sure you roll it down when you’re trying to tan those abs of yours.


Image by Afa ah Loo with Unsplash

The Big Ties or Straps

A lot of tops this year seem to be following a trend of either big ties or big straps, both add an adorable detail. The thick band that ties into a bow of your choice, or in turn, the thick straps, give the bathing suit a little more support than the tiny string bikini. It also adds a little bit of elegance to the swimsuit through the bouncy bow or detailed straps. 

The Ruffle

Yes! Ruffles have made the comeback we all have been waiting for or at least some of us. They are making an appearance on every part of the bathing suit, from the waistband and the inner thighs to the rib cage tie and detail on the shoulder.

No matter what outdoor summer activity you’re finding yourself involved in, there is a swimsuit for it, and dang they all look good! So get yourself into one of these flattering pieces and get goin’!


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