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Summer Makeup that wonrsquot Clog Your Skin Irsquom In

Summer Makeup that won’t Clog Your Skin? I’m In!

You get a breakout in the middle of the summer and have no clue how to cover it up. Keep your face blemish-free with these picks for summer makeup!


There are a few brands I trust to get me through the summer months with flawless and healthy skin. You may not give it a second thought, but it's important to change up your foundation as you would your wardrobe when it gets hot outside. This may be the most important change you make during the summer. It all starts with a good foundation and these are known for keeping your pores and face clear!

Pacifica Alight Foundation ($16.99)

This line of products keeps your face and body clear. They combine nourishing and antioxidant-rich ingredients to make up a truly amazing line. Their foundation is no different. The Pacifica Alight foundation is light and delivers a satin finish for beautifully flawless skin. 

Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation ($56)

Ilia’s True Skin Foundation gives you not only a flawless finish, but it will balance your skin tone and texture without clogging your pores. Its name says it all. It combines the luxury of a serum and the coverage of a foundation. And what’s better is that it's infused with aloe!

100% Pure Water Foundation ($41)

This brand is not only good for full coverage, but it is proven to clear and improve the appearance of skin. I’ve been watching the evolution of this brand, and they offer amazing skin care and makeup products. The Water Foundation combines superfruit complexes, concentrated anti-aging resveratrol, as well as vitamin-rich and plant pigments that glide over your skin and creates a dewy satin finish.  


Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation ($56)

The Vanish Seamless Foundation is ideal for a sweaty day in the sun or a hard workout alike. This foundation is highly concentrated and delivers a sweat-proof, waterproof, and smudge-proof full coverage, which is great for the summer. So a little is all you need for the day! 

Too Faced “Born This Way” Foundation ($39)

Infused with Coconut oil, Alpine Rose, and Hyaluronic Acid, this foundation gives you the moisturized, brighter, hydrated skin without the greasy feel and clogged pores. You can adjust the coverage of this medium to full coverage foundation by using as much as you need to cover those pesky little breakouts.

When it comes to summer, choosing the right foundation is just as important as choosing the right swimsuit. You can keep your skin looking its best, cover, and heal any blemishes that may pop up! These are great foundations to start with. Any foundation that gives you great coverage and heals your skin, especially in the summer, is a win in my book.


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