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7 Virtual Makeover Websites You Need to Know About

7 Virtual Makeover Websites You Need to Know About!

Wanting a makeover but scared to try something new? Luckily, you can check out one of these virtual makeover websites to get an idea of your new look!


Have you ever wanted to see what it looks like to have Rihanna’s hair, J.Lo’s makeup, and Beyonce’s jawline? Well maybe not to that extreme, but we’ve all been guilty of wanting to change up our look at least a little. The good thing about this on-demand world is we can try before we buy! Yep, check out these seven makeover websites and see what you can come up with for your new look!

  1. - This site allows you to try out different hairstyles, makeup, and accessories. You can even whiten your teeth on this website. Daily makeover is the ultimate forehead to chin makeover.

  2. - Clairol is known for its cool colors when it comes to the hair! If you have been thinking about going blonde, becoming a redhead, or finally doing that ombre color, this is your chance. This website will save you time money and hair breakage!

  3. - Mary Kay has been around for ages, and they have entered the internet world with a vengeance. You can try on any of their iconic color combinations, see what a cat-eye looks like on you, and brighten up your face with a highlight. 


  1. - This website is one-of-a-kind. If you have ever thought about getting a little nip tuck, then try it out here first. See what it would look like to have a facelift, nose reduction, lip augmentation, neck lift, or eyebrow lift among other ideas.

  2. - This is the place to try on different eyebrows! This part of the face is rarely experimented with because you cannot cover it up! Try out different shapes here to see what works for you!

  3. - Most gals, and even guys, have wondered what it’s like to see themselves with different hair textures. But what look would work best for you? Try it out here!

  4. - This popular website allows you to try out your favorite celebrity hair as well as new makeup and accessories. Any website that will give you a taste of what an accessory looks like on you is a definite win in my book!

These websites give you the power to change whatever you want about yourself and see what you would look like without the commitment. Whoever came up with the old “try before you buy” idea is a genius to apply it to the beauty industry. Take these websites and construct your new look in no time!


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