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Cali Girls are Obsessed with these Makeup Trends

Cali Girls are Obsessed with these Makeup Trends

Makeup is one of the biggest industries in beauty, and every girl who loves and enjoys makeup has a must trend.

We ask makeup and fashion influencers who live in California to share some of their favorite makeup trends for next season, fall-winter 2019. But before sharing their favorite trend, we would love to talk about MOBILESTYLES' top makeup trend - bold lips. 

Bold Lips is the perfect transition trend. This year, we have seen this trend everywhere. Remember Adriana Lima’s bold fuchsia lips? One of the most iconic makeup looks of 2019. 

During summer wear bright tones and light pinks. For fall, add some darker shades like burgundy, reds, or a nice orange. Nudes are always a classy tone for summer or winter. Pair your bold lips with a cat-eye or with a more natural-looking skin. 


Photo: theposhstreet

Alejandra Calvente

My favorite makeup trend for Fall 2019 is bronzer. It's hard not to look or resist a bronzed person, especially when everyone else is looking pale and cold. This is why I use bronzer liberally during the fall, even though I keep the rest of the makeup understated. 

Oby Grace

My top makeup trend is Glowy Skin. Let your oil shine through! For the longest time, people were mattifying their skin as dry as the Sahara desert. But now people are allowing their natural glow shine. The whole glossier-your-skin-the-better look which you can honestly create with just a tinted moisturizer and it gives such radiance and natural glow to all skin types.


Photo: s_caves


One of my favorite makeup trends for the fall that never fails is your traditional smokey eye. I like to describe it as my statement piece! For the fall, I keep my pieces very simple and cozy. Partnering your look with a smokey eye marries your overall look! Whether you’re out for drinks, having brunch, running errands, smokey eyes can always spice up your day! It can be intense or soft or brown or blue. You can have fun with it and always look sexy.

There are many more makeup trends, but these four, no doubt, are the favorite trends of every California girl. Which is your favorite makeup trend? 


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