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How You Can Become a Productive Procrastinator

How You Can Become a Productive Procrastinator

Saving things to the last minute is either a hit or miss practice. If you miss, chances are you missed badly. But if you hit! You can strike gold.


I’ve struck gold over and over again using procrastination as my number one tool for success. How? It all comes down to focus, alone time, and determination. These are all important qualities you need when doing anything, but especially when it comes to productive procrastination. 

These things work well in a specific order. First is alone time. You need alone time to get your mind in the right space. Initially, this is super important. Getting into the zone is hard when there are people constantly bothering you. So turn your phone to silent or do not disturb and get to a quiet zen inducing physical space. The zen of your surroundings makes up for the initial inevitable panic that sets in when you realize you absolutely have to get things done. 

Once you get your “space,” both head and physical, together you can focus on the task at hand. Write out a list of steps you need to take in order. Cross each item off one by one until you’re done. Don’t overlook this step. You need to remain organized as you go through your process of meeting your deadline. 


Lastly, you need to be determined. Don’t let up. Treat your project at hand like it’s the most important thing you need to do. In the moment of procrastination, it is. You need to know that you can do this. At times, it can get a little overwhelming but if you keep reminding yourself that you’ve got this, you’ll stop wasting time worrying and spend your time getting work done.

I have used these three steps over and over again to get work done. Being a productive procrastinator has helped me figure out how to do the things I love and get the things I need done… done! Using these principles in other aspects of your life makes for a more efficient life. The simplicity of these tips saves on time and gives you the lowdown on how to make productive procrastination one of your go-to tools! Don’t forget to double-check everything!


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