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Try These Nail Trends Before Summer Ends

Try These Nail Trends Before Summer Ends

Summer is the perfect time to treat yourself to a manicure. Fewer layers mean it’s a chance to let your fingers shine!


Though you might be tempted to jump straight into a neon nail polish, might I suggest something different? Here are the nail trends you need to try out before summer ends.

Something Simple & Cute, Colorful Polka Dots


Don’t want something too time-consuming but still want to look cute? Then try out some colorful polka dots. There’s an assortment of options with this look, and though it may look difficult, it’s actually really simple and will only take you about fifteen minutes. 

First, you apply a base coat to your nails. Next, you pick two or more colors for the dots. Once the base coat is dry, grab a toothpick and be sure to take out the pointy end, we won’t be needing that part. Use the toothpick and dab it onto your nails to create the dots. Simple, right? Remember, you can use as many colors as you like, so have fun! If you want your manicure to last longer, be sure to apply a topcoat over the design. 

Sunny Flowers

Perfect for a Sunday picnic, a sunny getaway, or a day at the beach, this fun look will draw eyes in nearly any festivity under the sun. Check out this article by Lulus, they give a tutorial on a nude and navy floral design.

The Trend Perfect for a Summer Night Out

That honor goes to confetti nails. This look is suitable for whatever party you may be going to on a Friday night out! If you need inspiration on this look, check out this article by Glamour with plenty of Instagram influencers rocking this manicure.

Honorable Mentions

Green gradient, 90s Butterflies, Rainbow Bright, and Tie-dye nails are all trending summer looks you’ll want to take a look at.

Need Help or Simply Want to Treat Yourself?

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