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The Best Ways to Achieve Instant Relaxation

The Best Ways to Achieve Instant Relaxation

When life gets busy and stressful, it’s important to make time for self-care. We've figured out how to achieve instant relaxation with these simple tips.


A little unplugging and unwinding can make a world of difference in how you feel, and even help you be more productive. If you’re looking for peace and serenity, try these 6 tips for achieving instant relaxation.

Book a Massage or Facial 

There’s nothing like an amazing massage or facial to make you feel instantly relaxed. Thankfully, MOBILESTYLES makes it easier than ever to get a service when you want it without having to go anywhere. MOBILESTYLES App, the leading on-demand health and beauty digital platform in the US, delivers talented professionals to you anytime, anywhere! The app's amazing PROs offer barber services, braiding, hair coloring, eyelash extensions, hair styling, kids’ haircut, makeup, massage, nails, skincare, tanning, threading, twists, waxing, hair weaving, and over more than 100+ services to choose from. 

Take a Bath

What could be more calming than soaking in a nice warm bath? Put on some of your favorite chill-out music, pour your favorite bath oil, and disconnect from the world. Maybe even set the mood for self-care with candles. 


If you are stressed out and feel overwhelmed, a little meditation can go a long way. Try a guided meditation from the InsightTimer App. You can choose from topics from gratitude, stress, love, happiness, anxiety, and more. You can enjoy peaceful meditative music or sounds of nature.


Read a Good Book

We spend so much time in front of screens -- from cell phones to computers to televisions. Find some calm by cozying up with a great book and a nice warm cup of tea. It’s comfort food for the soul.

Netflix and Chill

If you are too lazy to read a book and just feel like zoning out (No judgment, we’ve all been there!), there’s nothing wrong with turning on your television and putting on a show that will make you feel good. Whatever you do, avoid programs that will trigger you. If the local news or politics stresses you out, switch the channel! Opt for shows that bring a smile to your face like a classic comedy or your favorite television genre.

Take Slow Deep Breaths

Taking slow deep breaths is an effective way to help you feel calm and peaceful. It is a technique that has even been used to help those experiencing PTSD. Try taking 10 slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.


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