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Makeup Tips to Look Great in any Photo

Makeup Tips to Look Great in any Photo

Makeup gives an amazing power to boost our confidence. From covering blemishes to highlighting your cheekbones, cosmetics are your BFF. Makeup is magical!


In this day of iPhones and selfies, taking photos of yourself with friends and family are now part of our daily routine. We all want to look our best. As far as makeup application, there are ways to ensure that you’re always camera-ready. 

Makeup Tricks and Tips for Looking Great in Pictures.

  • Ramp Up the Contour: If you think your makeup looks good for home or office, bump up the contour for a photoshoot. The camera can make your face look washed out and wide, so contour allows you to sculpt the shape of your face and features.

  • Foundation and Translucent Face Powder: The camera reflects light and picks up every blemish and red spot on your face. Apply a foundation that complements your skin tone, then apply a light amount of translucent face powder to seal your foundation, allowing you and your makeup to look fresh and natural all day.


  • Matte Nose Shading: A glowing complexion looks lovely in person, but can appear oily in pictures. Leave a dewy blush or rouge on your cheeks, but keep the middle of your face and nose area dry with a matte finish. You may wish to use blotting papers on your T-zone before taking pictures to eliminate oil build up.

  • Emphasize the Eyes: If you’re going for a sultry look, applying eye shadows to give you a smokey eye or cats’ eye is always a hit. For a more natural-looking eye, using bronze or light brown eye shadows with brown eyeliner and mascara comes across glamorous in pictures. For a more dramatic eye, black mascara and eyeliner always do the trick. For eyes that pop, false eyelashes are stunning both in person and on camera.

  • Remember the Eyedrops: Bright eyes are beautiful eyes. The clearer the whites of your eyes, the more youthful and radiant you will look in pictures. Before you leave home, squeeze a few eye drops in each eye to eliminate redness. This is why every photo-editing app has an eye-whitening option.


  • Brush on the Blush: In pictures, you want your cheeks to look rosy and natural. Swipe a thin coat of powder blush just underneath your cheekbones to accentuate and highlight your bone structure. Powder blush works better than cream blush in pictures, as the blush remains dry throughout the day as opposed to looking oily and wet.

  • Plump, Pouty Lips: Besides your eyes, your lips are noticed and stand out in photos! Always add lipstick or lip gloss to your lips, even if you prefer nude tones. Line the lips with an identical color to shape the mouth and prevent the lipstick from running. Wet, shiny lips look luscious in photographs so lip gloss is your answer. If you prefer a dry lip, select matte lipstick colors.

There truly is a way to look striking, composed and camera-ready all day. Whether you’re using sunlight, iridescent light or flash, looking great in every picture you take is an easy task! Perfect pictures for the perfect you!


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