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How to Use Ginger Oil for Health and Beauty

How to Use Ginger Oil for Health and Beauty!

There are a ton of oils in the world. Some we use in our food, and some we use for health and beauty. And ginger oil is not to be left behind.

When you think of ginger, you may think of ginger ale for an upset stomach, for nausea, colds, arthritis, and migraines but it can be used for so much more. But ginger oil is extracted from the rhizome part of the plant and can be used for more than our tummies! After this, you may want to keep a stock of ginger oil for those days when you need a little self-care. Take a look at some of its’ uses in beauty!



Ginger oil can be used just like any other essential oil. Ginger is similar to the likes of turmeric and creates a warm feeling. When used as an aromatherapy treatment, you can look forward to that warm, soothing, and calm feeling. It is known to help minimize feelings of stress and anxiety, as well as sadness, dizziness, agitation, and energizes and inspires you!



Who would’ve thunk? It is believed to promote hair growth and health. It also contributes to keeping the hair clean as well as the scalp. The strength of ginger oil can also stimulate the scalp and improve circulation due to its potent properties. 


Ginger on your skin! What? Well because ginger is so potent, its best to blend this oil with other essential oils like lemongrass and a carrier oil like coconut oil! The effect it has on the skin is awesome. It restores dull skin, soothes skin and skin damage and also helps prevent aging. Much like it does to the scalp it strong and promotes circulation so you can imagine what it does for other areas of the skin! That is one of the main reasons why it is best to blend this oil. It cools some of the potent effects of ginger oil.

Ginger oil is a great essential oil to add to your collection. You also may want to spot test ginger oil as well just in case it is too strong for your skin. If it does bother you, its best to make a ginger oil blend with your favorite oils! Who would’ve thought that ginger oil could make you more beautiful? Try some of these tricks out and see how it works for you! 


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