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Non-alcoholic Drink Ideas The Sober Lifestyle is in Trend

Non-alcoholic Drink Ideas: The Sober Lifestyle is in Trend!

I’m going to tell you a secret that you should know. You don’t have to drink to fit in at a social gathering.

I know a lot of people feel awkward when they are standing there with their sixteen-ounce, $32 bottle of Evian water the bartender just sold them but there are ways to make that Evian look like a top-shelf beverage. I know I may have exaggerated on the price of Evian, but you catch my drift. As a non-drinker myself, I have learned how to spruce up the drinks I order at the bar. Yes, it may seem a little pretentious to order your water, sparkling, in a tall glass with a slight squeeze of lime and a semi-salted rim but it does the trick! 


So there I was, asking my eighty-year-old grandmother what I can order at the club since I don’t drink, and of course, she was full of answers. Side note: I have the coolest grandmother ever. She told me that I don’t have to drink, I could just do this… If you want water, order the still water in a whiskey glass with ice, a squeeze of lime, and a wedge on the side for added effect. My first thought was, “Who are you?” My second thought was, “Tell me more!” This drink resembles “The Lincoln,” a white whiskey drink without the salt. 

The next drink you can order resembles a “White Claw.” It’s simple. Order sparkling water in a tall glass with ice and a lemon wedge inside the glass. Voila! It looks like a sophisticated drink. Add a cherry along with the lemon and you have a drink resembling a “Tom Collins.” Only you’ll know that its sparkling water and fruit!

And or my last trick! If there is anything I know, it’s that adding a little color never hurt anyone! This last drink has a little more flavor and fewer calories than its alcoholic counterpart. Take that sparkling water to the next level by adding a little fruit juice. Have the bartender add a little of a red simple syrup of your choice - cranberry, cherry, strawberry, pomegranate, etc - to the bottom of your glass. Then have them fill the rest up to the top with sparkling water. It gives off a beautiful ombre of red to light at the top. Have them add a twist of lime, and you have a colorful fancy drink. The best combinations are strawberry syrup with a lemon twist and cherry syrup with a lime twist. These two complementary pairings will have you asking for more!


There are many ways to navigate the social scene without boozing it up. These non-alcoholic drinks are a way to fit in and even save money in the process. These drinks you can order for less than half the cost of alcoholic drinks you see people ordering at the bar.


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