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Travel like an Instagram Influencer

Travel like an Instagram Influencer!

Instagram is full of beautiful photos, bikini shots, and bright crystal blue waters.

We see beautiful people flying off to beautiful destinations, and you know what most of us are thinking? What about me! We would all love to be in that position, am I right? So how do you get there? Well, it’s a little simpler than you think. Take these steps and you may be living like a rockstar sooner than you think!


Get a travel agent


Not an agency per se but an agent you can trust. A lot of people think that travel agents charge them to plan their trip, but that’s not necessarily true! Agents are generally paid by the hotels, car rental agencies, and cruises, etc. You could even become one if you’re looking for a change!


Save up


There’s nothing worse than being an Instagram imposter. No booking time to sit on a private plane or pretending to be in Bora Bora when you’re really in Malibu. Save up all the money you can and put it toward a trip on your bucket list. Start with one trip and then work your way up to more trips during the year!


Start a travel blog 


As you travel take a log of the places you’ve been and the things you’ve seen along the way. Share that with the world and see where it takes you! You never know. You may end up with travel companies, resorts, or cruises knocking at your social media door offering to set you up with complimentary trips!


Start now 


Even if you’re dead broke you can start somewhere. Start with local beaches and road trips Not everyone is from your town or America for that matter. Review a couple of hideaways or show people how to navigate your city off the beaten path. Trust me you’ll build an audience even with this approach and people will appreciate your review of your city! People travel for work all the time and a lot of the time it’s within the states so this is a practical and much-needed take on travel!


Rack up those miles!


If you have the option to switch, switch your credit card to a card that rewards you with miles. You can redeem these miles for airline tickets and other travel purchases as well. This will offset some of the costs associated with traveling. You can also use the card on your trips and gain even more miles! It’s a win-win just don’t forget to pay your credit card balance off every month!


These tips can put you on a plane in no time! If you have ever wondered what it was like to live the life of a nomad or traveling influencer, with these tips you are that much closer to being exactly where you want to be!

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