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Tonsillitis Symptoms and Steps to Recovery

Tonsillitis: Symptoms and Steps to Recovery

Have you ever felt that tingle in the back of your throat, but it’s not the flu or a cold? These are the tonsillitis symptoms you need to know.

Yep, that’s tonsillitis, and if you haven’t heard of it, then take a look at Miley Cyrus, who was just admitted to the hospital for it. Thus solidifying the fact that celebrities aren’t as invincible as most people think they are. So, how can we make sure we don’t end up in the hospital for tonsillitis? It’s simple. Here are the basics: tonsils, the two squishy lymph nodes in the back of your mouth on either side, defend your body from getting sick. But it’s possible that your tonsils can be affected by the very bacteria it is trying to protect you against. When your tonsils are infected, it’s called tonsillitis. There are three types: acute, chronic, and recurrent. Acute tonsillitis is likely a singular event that goes away within seven to ten days and can be treated at home, but if it lasts longer than ten days, then it could be chronic or recurrent. And if left untreated, it can cause serious problems.




A few ways you can figure out if you indeed have tonsillitis is by looking out for symptoms like a sore throat, scratchy voice, and difficulty swallowing. These symptoms are more obvious. You know something is wrong, but you may mistake it for just a sore throat or something minor that may go away. The symptoms you really need to watch out for in addition to the more obvious ones are bad breath, stomach ache, chills, fever, headache, earache, and a stiff neck. If you have even a few of these symptoms, it may be tonsillitis. While trying to figure these things out, remember to look in the back of your throat to see if you have red and swollen tonsils, white or yellow spots, as well as a sore jaw and neck. You should see a doctor if your fever gets to be above 103 degrees, if you have muscle weakness, neck stiffness, and a sore throat that doesn’t go away after two days. Some can even experience swelling so bad that they can’t breathe. This is where that “left untreated” issue comes into play.


For all of the bad that comes with this infection, there is also some good. While you are waiting for the symptoms to subside, you can ditch the diet and get some ice cream! Yes, along with the more serious remedies like antibiotics, salt-water gargling, soups with garlic, lemon teas, and tonics, ice cream (and sorbet for the vegans out there) help to soothe the throat and, by default, make you feel better. I’ve never heard of an instance when a cold, sweet treat didn’t make anyone feel better, come to think of it. If you have a case of tonsillitis, try applesauce, Jell-o, and lozenges in your favorite flavor!


If you’ve ever had this bothersome infection, you know that the pain is so intolerable that you have to see someone about it. Unfortunately, some people have to deal with this all the time. Now that you know the symptoms, you can take care of yourself better and treat yourself in the meantime!

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