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Most people love a bright sunny day. The warmth of the sun’s rays, wearing light clothing, participating in outdoor events, and hitting the beach brings many of us joy. In everyone’s life some rain must fall. We can, certainly, step outside in the rain, even enjoy a few heavy downpours. However, rainy days tend to keep us indoors. Cold, stormy days are perfect for watching television in bed, cooking warm, scrumptious meals, and relaxing. For the adventurous, and those of you that want to spend a rainy day a different way, you’ll win with MOBILESTYLES.


MOBILESTYLES App is a health and beauty digital platform that saves you time and money by blending beauty and technology together. Styling professionals will come to you anytime, anywhere. Would you like to splurge on a manicure and pedicure from home, where you stay dry in the comfort of your own familiar surroundings? How about a complete facial and massage? For the beauty conscious, welcome the rainy day by embarking on a professional cosmetic makeover while you sit in your favorite chair, wearing your comfy robe, listening to raindrops falling on the roof.


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MOBILESTYLES’ PROs create personalized look books to display their work, ability, and creativity. Before scheduling an appointment, you can browse the app to find the perfect stylist to fit your needs. Imagine booking a session with top barbers, hair stylists, makeup artists, massage therapists, nail artists, and many more expert glam PROs. Did your fingernail break the day you have an important evening event, leaving you little time to get to the salon to repair it? No problem. Simply download the MOBILESTYLES app and a nail artist will be at your house within one hour! Maybe you look out the window at the chilly weather and decide you need a beard trim and shave, but you’re too tired and toasty to do it yourself or leave the house. Sit back, smile, and contact MOBILESTYLES!


Photo Source: Pexels

Turn a rainy day into a day of beauty, pampering, and well-deserved indulgence. 


MOBILESTYLES is available in all major cities including Los Angeles, Champaign, Chicago, Atlantic City, Houston, Lubbock, Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Fresno, Orange County, San Diego, San Jose, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Pensacola, Tampa, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Tulsa, Philadelphia, Nashville, New York and Seattle.


What are you waiting for? Glamour is only a tap away. Health and beauty services to refresh your body, mind and soul are a great way to spend a rainy day!


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*Valid through October 31, 2019. May be used for multiple appointments. We reserve the right to withdraw this promo code at any time without prior notice.



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