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Motivate Yourself Every Morning With These Makeup Routines

Motivate Yourself Every Morning With These Makeup Routines

Sometimes it's just really difficult to wake up in the morning. You can give yourself some morning motivation with these makeup routines!

No matter what our day entails, we all need a reason to get up in the morning. For the makeup lovers and the gals who believe that less cosmetics is the way to go, motivating yourself to embark on an every-morning makeup ritual can truly become one of your favorite morning habits.


Motivating yourself simply means stimulating an interest or enthusiasm for doing something. Applying makeup each morning brings so many rewards that the practice will become an enjoyable habit. The rewards of sticking to a morning makeup application process brings so much happiness that losing 20 to 30 minutes of sleep each morning won’t even be an issue.  You’ll be jumping out of bed to get your fierce, fashion forward face on!



Photo Source: Unsplash


Beauty is revered worldwide. We find and admire beauty in nature, clothing, cars, people, and yes, makeup! Cosmetics can bring out your features, hide facial flaws, add color to your face, and lift your mood!


5 Reasons to Motivate Yourself to Apply Makeup Every Morning


  • Self-Care: Self-care is always important. How you take care of yourself can lower and/or eliminate stress, improve your confidence, and bring a smile to your face. Hygiene, cleanliness, and being nice to yourself are important factors for maintaining a healthy, positive mental and physical body. A little bit of makeup applied each morning can go a long way in improving your mood.


  • Makeup is an Art Form: Which cosmetics you choose and how you wear them is a great way to express yourself and give yourself a creative outlet. Your bare face is your canvas, and you are free to build on that canvas with foundation, eye shadow, lipstick, blush, or any cosmetics of your choice. Show the world your inner personality by the makeup you apply to your face.



Photo Source: Unsplash


  • Rituals are Beneficial: By applying makeup each morning, you will get into a ritual that you enjoy. Over time, your ritual or habit will become such a part of your “getting ready” routine that you’ll miss it if you skip a day. Cosmetically made up faces are gorgeous and glamorous. Let the way you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror be your motivation for sticking to your morning makeup routine.


  • Applying Makeup is Transformative: As a lover of makeup and beauty, each morning, when I put on my makeup, it is a lot like transforming from a moth to a butterfly. I like my bare face, but as I apply cosmetics, which are fun and festive, I feel myself transforming into a va va voom glamour girl. This is worth the effort!


  • Confidence Booster: If you doubt that makeup can boost your confidence, put on black mascara to highlight your eyelashes and bright red lipstick to bring out your lips. Just these two cosmetic products alone will pull out your natural beauty and bring you to the level of magnificence you deserve!


Be the shining star that you are and develop your own morning makeup routine! For those of you that love the look of wearing cosmetics but feel that you don’t have the time, patience, or the style to do it yourself, let MOBILESTYLES glam you up! 


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