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The Best First Tattoo Tips To Know Beforehand

The Best First Tattoo Tips To Know Beforehand

Thinking about getting a tattoo? While you're choosing your ink and where you want it, here are some first tattoo tips to think about!

These are great first tattoo tips that will help you before being inked!

Growing up, my parents always warned me to never get a tattoo. Their reasoning for disliking them? Well, they always argued that they were permanent and would not be appealing in my older years.

Regardless of their thoughts, I got a free Friday the 13th tattoo with my best friend. I made sure it was small and wasn’t visible. I was extremely nervous, but I loved the end result. A couple of months later, I got another tattoo, spontaneously. It’s small and barely visible.

Even though I don’t regret my tattoos, there are a few things I wish I considered before getting them. Here are three first tattoo tips I think should be considered before getting “inked.”


How visible do you want it to be?

Both my tattoos are small and behind my ear because I wanted to hide it from my parents. They saw my tattoos, eventually. Before getting inked, ask yourself where you want the tattoo to be and how visible you want it. Do you want a giant sunflower on your shoulder? Or a small heart on your ankle? Either is fine. Wherever you decide your tattoo will go, just make sure it’s a place you’re comfortable with. 


Consider how the tattoo will change over a period of time.

As time goes on, tattoos will fade, and your skin might get saggy. If your weight tends to fluctuate, your tattoo will most likely fluctuate with it. If you’re concerned about how your tattoo will change over time, try picking a place like your calf or back that are less likely to change with time. Weight gain or weight loss will likely change the appearance of your tattoo on your arms or stomach. 


Do your tattoos have meaning?

My second tattoo was on a whim and really doesn’t hold any significance to me. I don’t regret it. However, I wish it had a meaning or certain symbolism to it. 

Before getting your first tattoo, make sure it has significance to you; you’ll be less likely to regret it later on.

Hopefully these first tattoo tips help guide you to a great piece!


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