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14 Exercise and Trampoline Benefits

14 Exercise and Trampoline Benefits

We just can’t refuse anything that makes us feel like a child again! Did you know about all of these trampoline benefits? Get to jumping!

These are some healthy trampoline benefits that might surprise you!

Finding the motivation to exercise can be really difficult- what makes it even harder is when you have a boring workout routine. That’s why we’re including other fun types of exercise, and you’ll see that there are other great ways to measure fitness. Check out some of these trampoline benefits!

Here are 14 benefits of exercising on a trampoline:


It’s fun! The less boring an exercise is, the easier it is to stick to. 


Burns a ton of calories

According to a NASA study, it burns more calories than jogging does. NASA now uses trampolines for their astronaut training.

Increased lymphatic flow

It increases lymphatic flow and drainage in the body- the lymphatic system only flows and drains with body movement. When we jump up and down on a trampoline, our lymphatic system is activated, allowing for better lymph flow. 

Boost immune system

It can actually reduce illness and boost our immune system- a main function of our lymphatic system is to remove toxins like viruses, bacteria, infection, and diseases. When we use a trampoline to exercise, our lymphatic system also drains these toxins.


Helps burn fat

Our lymphatic system also stores fat- when we activate our lymphatic system through jumping, we’re able to get rid of that stubborn fat (and therefore, cellulite). 

Increased strength

Jumping on a trampoline can increase bone density and can strengthen muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments.

Stronger metabolism

It gives your metabolism a major kick- meaning that you’ll continue burning calories even after you finish working out.


Low impact exercise

It’s a great low-impact workout on your joints. The trampoline springs absorb a lot of the impact that would otherwise be on your joints, preventing injury.

Improved balance

Exercising on a trampoline can improve your balance and posture.

Full-body exercise

The trampoline works out all parts of your body: your legs, arms, thighs, stomach, and hips. Exercising on a trampoline improves circulation of all kinds, including blood circulation.

Helps menstrual discomfort

Jumping on a trampoline can reduce menstrual symptoms and pain through the detoxification of hormones.  


Tons of variety

Jumping isn’t the only thing you can do on a trampoline. There are hundreds of workouts you can do to incorporate arm and abdomen workouts as well! 


It’s an inexpensive way to workout. Rather than paying for a gym membership monthly or paying for expensive machines or at-home programs, a personal-sized trampoline can be purchased for anywhere between 30-50 dollars, which is much more affordable.

Hopefully this list of trampoline benefits gives you at least one good reason to go out and be active!


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