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Why Rihanna Has Just Changed the Game for Women Everywhere

Why Rihanna Has Just Changed the Game for Women Everywhere!

Women are changing the game across many industries, but the spotlight has been on the women in the entertainment industry lately.

There have been so many women stepping up and sharing their experiences, ideas, and voices with the world, and we can’t get enough.

One of those game-changers is the one and only Rihanna! She has always been outspoken and unapologetic, but she is shifting her focus to more than music. She has a few different business ventures in fashion, beauty, and as a humanitarian. In short, she never ceases to amaze us all!

Fashion & beauty brands

Her brands in beauty and fashion, “Fenty Beauty” and “Savage x Fenty” (her fashion house under the LVMH brand), have received high praise from influencers, celebrities, and the general public. Her message of equality and body-positivity has pushed the envelope in the fashion industry. Fenty released a lingerie collection that sent shock waves through the industry, which was only catapulted by her fashion show. She showcased her pieces with models of all shapes, sizes, and complexions in a non-traditional way, breaking all the rules in true Rihanna fashion. 


Leave no face behind

She took this same idea and used it across her beauty line. With the belief that all faces should be able to find the right palette and the right shade of foundation, Rihanna went to work designing her own makeup and beauty line. Her mission: to leave no face behind. Now, if you’re lucky, you can find her brand in the biggest stores and online. Needless to say, she sells out, and she sells out fast!


Here for equality

Her bold statements across the fashion and beauty industry not only caught the eye of the public, but her peers in entertainment have sat up to take notice. But that’s not all she has to offer. She’s more than a pretty face and entrepreneurial powerhouse. She also shares her love for children through her foundation.

Jack of all trades!

Keeping with the theme of equality, Rihanna has gone on to create the Clara Lionel Foundation, named in honor of her grandparents Clara and Lionel Braithwaite, which supports educational efforts and emergency response programs around the world. Her impressive attitude and efforts to help educate children shows us a softer side of Rihanna. One that we don’t always get to see but refreshing nonetheless. Seeing one of the biggest music stars shine as a human being may just be the most inspirational message a huge star can send. Rihanna has always been open and honest about who she is, and since 2012, when this foundation was born, she has been showing us that equality is about more than beauty. It also includes education and safety for youth around the world.

One thing we have come to realize is that Rihanna is not a one-trick pony. Yes, she rocketed to stardom at a young age, but we have seen her develop into a multifaceted and inspirational young woman. Rihanna has used her voice in a completely different way, and it reminds us, as women, that we don’t need to fit into a box. Being “lady-like” is individual, much like a fingerprint. It means something different for every lady. Rihanna has lived that truth publically with her decision to be bold, brave, and herself no matter what, while continuing to push the envelope. And it has inspired all of us to do the same, changing the game for women everywhere.


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