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Random Acts Of Kindness For ldquoWorld Kindness Weekrdquo

Random Acts Of Kindness For “World Kindness Week”

World Kindness Week starts on November 13th, so we're cooking up some random acts of kindness to put into practice when the time comes (and every day)!

Show the world kindness with some of the random acts of kindness!

While it may seem silly to dedicate a whole week to world kindness, we’re all so caught up in going through the motions of life that we forget to show our appreciation for the ones we love, and we definitely don’t prioritize performing small acts of kindness for the people we encounter throughout our day.


Here are some random acts of kindness you can do throughout “World Kindness Week” and, hopefully, incorporate into your everyday life and routine, even after “World Kindness Week” ends, to benefit your family, friends, strangers, Mother Nature, and yourself! 

- Write positive notes for your loved ones to find.

- Leave quarters for someone at the Laundromat.

- Top up meter parking. 

- Write positive reviews online for your favorite places.

- Ask to speak to the manager and compliment an employee.

- Carpool with friends or family.

- Pick up trash at your local park or beach (& invite your friends to do the same).

- Incorporate more vegetarian meals to your diet.

- Bring reusable bags to the grocery store.

- Compliment a stranger.

- Let someone go in front of you in line at the store.

- Pay for the order of the person behind you in a drive-thru.

- Bring in a sweet treat for your co-workers/classmates.

- Offer to take a photo of a couple or a family.

- Leave a generous tip if you receive good service.

- Send a thank-you note.

- Make a list of your favorite things about a friend or family member and give it to them.

- Show some love on social media- comment nice things on friends’ and strangers’ posts.

- Leave a positive note on the mirror in the women's bathroom.

- Hold the door open for someone.


- Go through your things and donate them to a shelter or charity.

- Give money to a homeless person or buy them a meal or coffee.

- Register to be an organ donor.

- Keep $5 gift cards on hand to give to strangers.

- Put change in a vending machine.

- Say hello/good morning to people on the street.

- Give up your seat on public transportation.


- Support a small business instead of shopping at a major retailer.

- Compliment a parent about their child (especially while traveling on an airplane).

- Limit cell phone usage when spending time with family and friends- be present.

- Call your parents & grandparents- listen to their stories.

- Use the tip jar at a coffee shop.

- Send dessert to a nearby table at a restaurant.

- Let someone else have the parking spot in a crowded lot.

- Hold the elevator door open.

- Don’t forget to be kind to yourself!

Be sure to try your best to celebrate world kindness this week!


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