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Top Tips For Stress-Free Travel During The Holidays

Top Tips For Stress-Free Travel During The Holidays

From long lines at the airport to the potential for bad weather and delays, there are plenty of reasons to feel anxious about traveling.

This holiday season, enjoy some stress-free travel

Whether or not you get along with your family, heading home for the holidays can be stressful! To help your experience be as smooth as possible, we’ve got some great stress-free travel tips to get you to your destination feeling fresh and relaxed.


Plan Your Packing

Making a checklist of things to pack can be helpful so that you don’t forget anything important like your ID! (As of October 2020, you will need a “Real ID” or approved form of ID to fly anywhere in the United States.) If you have anywhere special to be, make sure to plan your outfit. Remember, you can’t bring liquid containers of more than 3.4 ounces on an airplane, so be sure to pack any liquids in a checked bag. You don’t want gifts like skincare or perfume to be confiscated by TSA! For more details about what needs to be checked, visit 


Arrive Early

What’s even more frustrating than delays? Missing your ride altogether! With extra-large crowds at airports, train stations, and public transportation centers, you may want to save yourself the stress of rushing and plan to get to to your station or airport a bit early.  

Bring Entertainment

On the other hand, in the case that there are delays, help ease the stress with a good book or your favorite music! Don’t forget to bring your headphones.

Refresh with an On-Demand Service

Traveling often dries out your skin and wrecks your hair and makeup. Once you get to your set destination, you’ll probably be exhausted. You don’t have to go anywhere else to refresh with an on-demand beauty service. Try MOBILESTYLES, the app that will come to your home or hotel room to give the pampering you need to feel and look your best before seeing your family and friends. MOBILESTYLES is the leading on-demand health and beauty digital platform in the US that delivers services from talented beauty professionals to you anytime, anywhere! The app's amazing PROs offer barber services, braiding, hair coloring, eyelash extensions, hair styling, kids’ haircut, makeup, massage, nails, skincare, tanning, threading, twists, waxing, hair weaving, and over 100 other services to choose from. 

We hope these stress-free travel tips will help make holiday travel a little more stylish and a little less stressful. Happy traveling!


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