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Quick Makeup Fixes For Mistakes

Quick Makeup Fixes For Mistakes

For every makeup mishap, there are quick makeup fixes to have you looking cosmetic chic.

These makeup fixes can correct most mistakes that are common!

Makeup mistakes. We’ve all made them. We’re applying cosmetics in the morning and racing the clock to get out the door. Oh no! Too much blush, pesky mascara clumps, and no time to remove the makeup and start over. Luckily, you can reverse most makeup mistakes with these makeup fixes.


Clumpy Mascara Mishap

You just applied mascara, only to have clumps stick to your eyelashes. No problem. Let the mascara dry, then wipe your lashes with a Q-tip in the same direction you apply the mascara (from the lash line to the end of the lashes in an upward motion). Clumps will stick to the cotton, leaving you with lovely lashes. 

Too Much Eyeshadow

You’ve applied your eyeshadow, but either the color is overpowering or you spread on more eyeshadow than you planned. Fixable! Apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to a Q-tip or cotton ball and lightly wipe the area where you want to remove or tone down the eyeshadow. The untouched area will stay intact, but the petroleum jelly will wipe away the extra eyeshadow. If you merely wish to tone down the color, blot a dry tissue over the eyeshadow.

Smudged Eyeline

Eyeliner is beautiful and brings out your eyes, but smudged eyeliner is easily noticeable. Using a thin makeup brush or Q-tip, wipe away the smudged areas, leaving you with a perfect line. 


Too-Bold Eyebrows

Bold, full eyebrows are in, but you can go overboard with makeup, leaving your eyebrows looking too bushy. If you’ve used an eyebrow pencil or filler, use an eyebrow brush/comb and brush the hairs up, then down, then run the brush/comb over the entire brow. This will help to shape the brow more naturally and help the hair lay flat, eliminating bushy brows.

Too Much Blush

While a light application of blush can make you look cheery and youthful, too much blush looks clownish and unnatural. If your blush is too thick or the color is too dark once applied, soften the color by going over the area with a damp makeup sponge or makeup brush. This will remove excess blush, leaving the perfect amount to give you a rosy, healthy glow.


Overlined Lips

Lip liner works wonders for defining your lips, leaving you with a pretty pout. Too much lip liner makes you look like you’re trying to enlarge your lips. Rather than removing the liner and starting over, use a Q-tip to remove any liner that goes outside the lip line and thin out the drawn line at the same time.

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