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Contour And Highlight To Shape Your Face

Contour And Highlight To Shape Your Face

Don't shy away from highlighting and contouring. Follow these tips to get started on the best way to shape your face.

These tips will help you learn to properly shape your face!

Contouring and highlighting are cosmetic terms we hear often, but for most of us, mastering these makeup techniques doesn’t come easily. Contouring is using shading processes to bring out and define your features. Highlighting creates shape and enhances the natural facial structure. So how do you use these cosmetic techniques to reshape your nose, magnify your cheekbones, and subtly shape your face?


Know Your Shape

The first step is to know your face shape. The most basic shapes are oval, round, square, long, heart-shaped, and triangle. Knowing your face shape and what you wish to achieve with the help of contouring and highlighting is a good starting point. If you have a round face, contouring under your cheekbones can make your face appear smaller. A narrow face? The same shading will make your face look longer. Shading along the top of the forehead and on the chin can soften angular features and create a rounded effect.


Know Your Products

The two products you need are a matte shading cream or powder and a highlighter. Cream is easy to pat on with your fingers and leaves you with a natural finish that doesn’t look like makeup. If you prefer a powder form, use a sheer formula. When selecting the colors, consider your skin tone and only use one shade darker than your complexion. If you use creams, they work best when applied with your fingers. For highlighters, apply them with a makeup sponge or brush.


Step-By-Step Process

  • Apply a moisturizer and a makeup primer to your face.
  • Apply a cream or powder highlighter over your cheekbones, down the top of your nose to the tip, across your brow bone, and on the inner corners of the eyes.
  • You contour by following the shadows of your face. For chiseled cheeks, blend a line of contour beneath the cheekbones. To define your jawline, blend contour along the edges of the jawbone.
  • Using a damp makeup sponge, pat foundation over the contour and highlighting makeup.
  • Blending the cosmetics is very important. Using a sponge or fluffy brush will blend everything together, leaving you with a soft, seamless finish.

Remember, contouring creates a sculpted look that can make your nose look slimmer, your forehead smaller, and your cheekbones prominent by adding shadows. Highlighting adds light to the face. Together, they make cosmetic magic.

Contouring and highlighting is a cosmetic technique used to shape your face that is adored by beauty buffs worldwide. A true art form, sometimes the process is best left to health and beauty professionals. 

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