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Black Friday Guide To Navigating Sales The Smart Way

Black Friday Guide To Navigating Sales The Smart Way

Who doesn’t love a day of red tag deals and department store steals? Follow this Black Friday guide for great deals and huge rewards!

Follow this Black Friday guide for massive savings!

I know I do, and Black Friday is the mother of all sales. People everywhere in the country come out to take advantage of heavily discounted electronics, clothes, and everything in between. But you may already know this. You also probably know that there could be long lines, and the store can easily run out of products. So how do you make sure you get first dibs on the good stuff, avoid the crazy lines, and spend as little money as possible? Follow this foolproof Black Friday guide for a stress-free shopping experience!


Do a little research

A little research goes a long way. Figure out what you want to purchase and scour the internet and social media to find the best places to get them. You would be surprised by the deals you find with a little digging. 


Get a game plan! 

Create a schedule for your Black Friday experience. This part is the most important if you want to avoid the usual drama that goes into this day. Figure out which stores you want to hit and when they have their sales. Black Friday has bled into other days in order to accommodate the number of shoppers they receive that day and to minimize accidents and overwhelming stampedes. Some sales are only for a couple of hours in a day. Some start on Thanksgiving day. Some also take place over the weekend after Black Friday. Schedule your store visits keeping this in mind. Account for the total time you plan to spend in each store and travel time. You don’t want to risk losing out on the good sales so figure out exactly when the sale is on and be there.


Stay comfortable 

Don’t forget to schedule in your snacks and meals. I recommend keeping everything you need in your car (cooler optional). Eating a well-balanced breakfast is important to fuel you for this shopping trip as well. You are entering the major leagues of shopping and could use all of the help you can get. Also, wear comfortable clothes that you can move in.

Bring a friend … or not

This is a personal preference. If you work better alone, then go alone, but if you could use a little help, then bring a friend (who is already planning to shop) along for the ride. You could work together as a team and make Black Friday more bearable for the both of you. Your friend can also help you to stay focused. Once you have everything you need, go ahead and let your wandering eyes check out everything else!

Putting all of these simple fixes into place will help you save time and give you first dibs on all the good stuff. Happy Shopping!

Follow this Black Friday guide and your sure to walk out of the shops happy!


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