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Top Holiday Perfume Picks For Gifts

Top Holiday Perfume Picks For Gifts

Not sure which scent to pick out? Our tips will help you find the holiday perfume!

These holiday perfumes would make great gifts this year!

We all enjoy delicious scents. Food smells coming from the kitchen, fresh flowers, the outdoors after a light rainfall, and perfumes and colognes. Our nose knows what odors whet our appetite and conjure up positive thoughts and memories. This holiday season, why not give the gift of beautiful holiday perfumes with these loved fragrances?

Sense Of Fashion

Perfumes give pleasant aromas to the body. Famous designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Coco Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent, and Giorgio Armani market lovely perfumes. Celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian West, Gwen Stefani, and Paris Hilton also have their own perfume brands. There are plenty of versions to choose from, bottled attractively, so finding the perfect perfume that matches the taste of the intended receiver makes holiday shopping a sweet-smelling delight.

When picking out the right perfume for a family member or friend, you most likely know their preferences. Does the person like heavy, bold scents, or should you go with a lighter, airy fragrance? Perhaps the gift receiver still prefers musk or vanilla. If you aren’t sure, why not pick out your favorite fragrance? Chances are if you love the perfume, they will too.


Another element to keep in mind when giving perfume as a gift is the person’s personality. If they are outgoing and like to be noticed, a strong scent such as Estee Lauder’s Beautiful is a good choice. For a more rich but subtle fragrance, a floral scent such as Shiseido Ever Bloom is a quality pick.

Match The Occasion

Another winning way to match the perfect perfume to the person is by keeping in mind their manner of dress. Do they tend to dress sophisticated, or go with a more casual look? For those who prefer stylish and chic clothing, go with the classic Chanel N°5. If your intended receiver prefers to wear denim, Versace’s Bright Crystal will be a hit.

Most all of us adore great scented perfumes. Just like you can never have too many shoes or purses, the same holds true with fragrances. Perfume scents should match your mood, dress, and feel of the particular day or occasion. So this holiday season, as you pick out the perfect perfumes for your loved ones, think about the person you’re shopping for and select the holiday perfume that coincides with their tastes. You can’t go wrong with perfume as a present. Everyone loves a gift that makes them smell inviting.

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