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12 Days Of Easy Christmas Makeup

12 Days Of Easy Christmas Makeup

It may be a classic holiday song, but we are mixing it up with 12 Days of easy Christmas makeup.

12 easy Christmas makeup hacks just in time for the holiday season!

Christmas is just around the corner. It’s the time of the year when you're wrapping gifts, shopping, drinking hot chocolate, singing Christmas carols, and staying warm. Stay super festive this year by participating in the 12 Days of Christmas Makeup. Below are 12 easy Christmas makeup ideas that you can have fun with.


Day 1: Christmas Glam

If you’re one of those people that like to go all out on Christmas with decorations, gifts, and parties, then a Christmas Glam look is up your alley. Throw on shimmery gold eye shadow and a bright red lipstick to catch everyone’s attention on the first day of Christmas.

Day 2: Silver Bells Inspired

Ring in the holiday with a silver bells inspired look on the second day of Christmas. Go with either a shimmery silver eye shadow or a metallic silver lipstick for this day.

Day 3: Red-Themed

Take one of the classic Christmas colors - red - and apply it as a makeup look for the third day of Christmas. A red-themed makeup look can go in so many directions. You can do firey eye shadow, a subtle red lipstick, or even a light red blush.


Day 4: Green-Themed

You can’t forget about the other classic color on the fourth day of Christmas - green. Just like a red-themed makeup look, a green-themed look has many different outcomes as well. You can do a bright green eye shadow, a forest green lipstick, or even both.

Day 5: Red-and-Green Combination

You did a red look and a green look, now it’s time to do a red-and-green look together for the fifth day of Christmas. Just like the red and green looks, there are so many ways you can incorporate these two colors into a makeup look. You can do green eye shadow with red lipstick or vice versa. Or, you can mix the two colors on your eyes or lips. The possibilities are endless.


Day 6: Snowflake Inspired

On the sixth day of Christmas, get inspired by snow and snowflakes. We’re all dreaming about a white Christmas this year. And, if you aren’t getting snow, bring the snow to your makeup. Play around with blues and white for eye makeup or even lipstick. If you are a great artist, take a white eyeliner pen or pencil and draw individual snowflakes on your skin.

Day 7: Christmas Lights Inspired

Twinkle and sparkle on the seventh day of Christmas with a Christmas lights inspired look. All the sparkly Christmas lights are one of the best things about Christmas, and you can bring it to your makeup look. For this look, you can utilize colorful jewels or beads, shimmery eye shadows, or even sparkly eyeliners. The more fun you have with colors, the more it will look like Christmas lights.

Day 8: Christmas Party Ready

During this Christmas season, you’ll probably go to at least one or two Christmas parties. For the eighth day of Christmas, do a holiday party look. When choosing a holiday party look, try to stay with the neutral, simple, and pretty looks. You can do a sophisticated smokey-eye or a light pink sparkle.

Day 9: Candy Cane Eyes

On the ninth day of Christmas, let Christmas’ sweet candy inspire you with a candy cane look. You can execute this look in a few different ways. The first way is doing a red and white striped eye shadow look. The second way is by doing a red and white striped eyeliner look. Or, the final way is by applying stripes of red and white lipstick.

Day 10: Christmas Tree Eyeliner

Now’s the time to pull out a sparkly green eyeliner for the tenth day of Christmas. A shimmery green-winged eyeliner is the perfect Christmas tree inspired look. The color reminds people of the tree and the specs of shimmer remind people of Christmas tree lights.

Day 11: Reindeer Inspired

We can’t forget about Santa’s trusty reindeers on the eleventh day of Christmas. For this reindeer look, you can pull out all your tans and browns to complete this look. You can go in many directions with this look, like a brown smokey eye, a subtle brown look, or even a fun look by drawing reindeer antlers around your eyes.

Day 12: Go Festive

It’s the twelfth day of Christmas, so that means it’s time to be merry and festive with the last makeup look. Let your imagination run wild! Create unique makeup looks that maybe resemble Santa’s hat or Christmas presents on your eyes. This is the time to have fun with the holidays.

Now that we’ve gone through the twelve days of easy Christmas makeup, let us know what your favorite holiday looks are. And, Merry Christmas!


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