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Why MOBILESTYLES Should Be Your Favorite App For National App Day

Why MOBILESTYLES Should Be Your Favorite App For National App Day!

On December 11th (National App Day), we get to show our favorite apps some love. Here's why we think MOBILESTYLES should be your favorite app!

Celebrate National App Day this year with MobileStyles!

Have you chosen your favorite app?

Think about it. When it comes to an app, there are a few things that make it really good. It has to:

  • be reliable;
  • solve a problem;
  • make your life a lot easier, in the grand scheme of things.

What better app to check all those boxes, than an on-demand app? We're not talking about Hulu or Netflix. Yes, these apps are great at entertaining you, but we're specifically referring to an app that fixes things in a clutch, like MOBILESTYLES.

MOBILESTYLES has been making waves in the on-demand world, offering health and beauty resolutions for the body on-the-go.


Wherever you are, MOBILESTYLES vetted professionals will come to you and take care of your beauty needs. If you need a massage, manicure, haircut, or beard trim (for the guys, of course), MOBILESTYLES is there to help you out. The easy-to-use app gives you the choice of the service you want, as well as the professional you want to do the job. What salon or spa does that? Not any that we have heard of. This is why MOBILESTYLES is so necessary. 

We’ve all been there. We’ve messed up a mani/pedi. We’ve been so stressed that we can’t focus on the rest of the day. We’ve all been in need of a little TLC. And what do we do? We call up our favorite spa and salon, and see if they have any openings. We pray that there was a cancelation or no show. If we were lucky, there is an opening… in fifteen minutes! After they make us feel guilty about “squeezing” us in, we rush to the car and drive across town like a mad person, so that we don’t miss the slot. By the time we get there, we are more stressed than ever, and to make matters worse, we have missed the appointment slot by 2 minutes and a walk-in snagged the spot! If you’re human you are just about enraged by now, right? This has happened to many people we know, even the luckiest ones. So, why not change the dynamic.


This is why people turn to MOBILESTYLES for a better beauty experience. You just download the app, create a profile, choose the service and the professional you need and wait, yes… wait for them to come to you. You can pay, and even leave a tip, on the app. Voilà! No hassle and no need to get off the couch after a long day at work. 

Doesn’t that sound good?

Thought so! After learning how easy it is to use MOBILESTYLES for your health and beauty needs, you can see why this app is starting to become the go-to app for people everywhere. Let National App Day be your introduction to MOBILESTYLES! The only question we have left is…

Is MOBILESTYLES your favorite on-demand health and beauty app?


Download the style that comes to you!

The #1 on-demand health and beauty app connecting you with local, vetted PROs.

  • Available Nationwide
  • 100s of services to choose from
  • Your time, your place

With MOBILESTYLES a good time is any time.

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