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7 Deep Winter Hair Color Trends To Try This Winter

7 Deep Winter Hair Color Trends To Try This Winter

Are you the kind of person who changes up their hair with the seasons? These deep winter hair colors will last you the whole cold season!

Try these deep winter hair colors for the end of the year!

It's time to pull out the thick coats and Ugg boots, because chilly season is here. Nothing says winter like a deep winter hair color update to start the season and last you until spring. We spoke to our top hairstylists to find out which color trends will carry you through the next few months. Here's what they said.


Mushroom Brown Hair

This new, hot color is the latest trend in hair. It's fresh, earthy, and sharp. The understated, semi-ashy, shades of grey and brown will give your hair a multi-dimensional look to it.

This hair color trend is neutral, with a hint of edginess to it. Not only will this color look great all winter season, but it will also camouflage greys perfectly! That's #winning in our book.

Like all color-treated hair, this mushroom brown will require a bit of maintenance. Make sure you use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for your color-treated locks. We also recommend a deep conditioning treatment to help hydrate your hair, since the winter season can be harsh and dry.


Blonde With Dark Roots

If you know that you're not going to get to a salon to freshen up your hair during the winter months, it's best to rock this intentional rooty blonde look.

And of course, make sure you have the appropriate purple shampoo and conditioner to keep the brassiness at bay.


Platinum Blonde

If you want a head-turning hue, then this icy blonde is for you. This color requires a lot of maintenance, but it's worth it. Make sure you have the needed hair care arsenal at your disposal, because you don't want your new icy tone turning yellow. Maintain your tresses with intense hydration.

"Going platinum" is a process. Don't try to go from dark hair to platinum in one sitting. You're sure to ruin your locks if you do. Ask your stylist how many sessions this look will take to achieve, and prepare accordingly to keep your hair shiny and healthy.


Pumpkin Balayage

If you want to take a baby step out of your comfort zone, but you still want to keep your hair dark, this hue stands out while looking semi-demure.

This tone is very festive and easy to transition out of when you move into the warmer months, if you choose to go lighter.


Strawberry-Copper Blonde

This mix of strawberry and copper tones will give your hair some sass! The great thing about this tone is that it will fade into a pretty shade, so you won't have to maintain it as often as a brighter tone. This color is soft, subtle, and versatile.


Chocolate Brown Balayage

Maybe you want to change your hair color, but your hair color is dark and you don't want anything too drastic. This chocolate brown balayage is the route to go.

It's the easiest of all the hair color trends to maintain, and the least damaging. This is also a great color to choose if you're into low-maintenance hair color.

The very faint balayage will give your hair enough dimension without a radical change. If you want to transition to a lighter brown for spring and summer, you have the option to do that without damaging your tresses.



This classic hue will never go out of style! You can start with this tone, and then go in so many different directions when you want to transition out of it.

It's a great color to try if your hair is a light brown shade. A medium blonde is an attainable tone for those of you that want to try blonde, without doing too much damage to your natural hair.

Will you be trying any of these deep winter hair colors this year? Which one is your favorite? If you’ve been thinking about switching up your hair color, why not have a MOBILESTYLES stylist come by and transform your hair color in the comfort of your own home?

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