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5 Trending Male Model Haircuts

5 Trending Male Model Haircuts

This is your year to try a new haircut! Take some inspo from these male model haircuts.

Try these male model haircuts this coming year!

We just rang in the New Year, and we’re ready to try out some new looks. Head out to your barber or call hair stylist over - it's time to start off your year right with a stylish, trendy haircut. Keep scrolling below to check out 5 male model haircuts to try.

1. Angled Pointy Brush Up

A great way to kick off 2020 is with an angled pointy brush up hairstyle. It’s one of those hairstyles that is fun, sporty, and attractive. To achieve this look, the sides of the hair are shaved short and the top is a tad longer. The top portion is then styled upwards with gel or hair product for a 'pointy' look.


2. Textured Medium Crop with a Low Fade

A textured medium crop with a low fade is not only fun, but also gives off a youthful vibe. The top of your hair is textured with waves or curls, and the lower portion of your hairstyle is shaved to bring on a faded look. This particular hairstyle tends to be very popular with young men.

3. Shaved Hairline

2020 will see a lot of men trying out unique shave lines. One of the most popular shaved hairlines is a prominent line on both sides of the head. The best part is that above the shaved hairline, any type of hairstyle will work well.


4. Short All-Even Crop

For the type of guy who doesn’t like to style their hair, yet doesn’t want to shave it all off, then a short all-even crop is the way to go. This kind of cut is short enough where it doesn't require additional hairstyling, but there is still plenty of hair on top of the head! It is great for men who want a low-maintenance hairstyle.

5. Lob with Shaggy Bangs

It’s time to channel the inner 70’s child and go for a lob haircut with shaggy bangs. What's a lob haircut? It's a variant of a bob haircut, with the length in between long hair and a bob haircut. The lob cut is a fun type of hairstyle, ready for any party.

Now that you know five male model haircuts to try this year, it’s time to start snipping. Enjoy your new look!


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