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7 Simple Ways To Celebrate National Spouses Day

7 Simple Ways To Celebrate National Spouses Day

On January 26th (National Spouses Day), sprinkle a little extra love on your marriage. We're giving you 7 ways you can celebrate your husband or wife.

Celebrate National Spouses Day on January 26th!

National Spouses Day is celebrated on January 26th, and while we shouldn’t need a national holiday to show our spouses how much we love and appreciate them, a little reminder doesn’t hurt! With the big love holiday approaching on February 14th - Valentine's Day! - take National Spouses Day as a way to focus on, and do, all of the little things you can to make your partner feel special and loved. Here's 7 simple ways to celebrate National Spouses Day with your special someone.


1. Visit the place you first met. There’s nothing like a little nostalgia to remind each other of your special connection, and all of the history that has gotten you to where you are now.


2. Get takeout and make a date at home. You don’t always need to celebrate with extravagance. Sometimes a little takeout, candles, a good movie and cuddles on the couch is the best way to connect.

3. Unplug. We can get so caught up spending time on our phones, computers, or watching television that it often leads to feeling disconnected from our loved ones. Take the night to unplug, connect, and spend time together without digital distractions.


4. Cook a meal together. Try a recipe for a meal that you’ve never had before and cook together! Trying something new and doing it together is a fun and easy way to connect and build shared memories.


5. Write your partner a love letter. Writing a letter, or list, of all the reasons why you love your partner is so powerful. Although you may feel like you tell them, or show them, how much you love them all the time, the act of writing it down on paper is a beautiful gesture. It also gives them a keepsake to look at whenever they want.

6. Take the "Love Languages" test together. The test asks a series of questions that will determine your love language and how you prefer to receive, and express, the feeling of love. You may find out something new about your partner (and vice versa)! You'll be able to put your newfound knowledge of your partner (and they, of you) to good use in the future. You'll understand how to show your partner how much you love and appreciate them in a way that they’ll receive it best.


7. Say "I love you." While all of the above activities are great, the easiest way to celebrate your love for someone is to tell them, "I love you," and to remind them of your feelings every day!

We hope these ideas inspired you to celebrate National Spouses Day with your true love!


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