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Stay Dry With These Indoor Rainy Day Activities

Stay Dry With These Indoor Rainy Day Activities

Is the cold, rainy weather keeping you indoors? Not to worry, we've rounded up plenty of rainy day activities for you to enjoy!

Rainy day activities can be just as fun as the outdoors!

The phrase “it never rains in California” simply isn’t true. No matter where we live, we all experience inclement weather. Rain, wind, sleet, and ice is a part of life, most notably in winter. For sun lovers, rainy days can be hard to handle. Perhaps your mood is as gloomy as the weather. Doing outdoor activities, or anything that gets you outside in the cold isn’t an option. For rain lovers, staying indoors with the heater on and listening to raindrops fall on the roof can be a nice change of pace from the outdoor commotion of everyday life.

Use the rainy weather to take a break from the hustle-and-bustle around you by doing indoor rainy day activities that perhaps you don’t often do. Trying something new can be lots of fun, rain or shine. These are a few of our favorite things to do.

Experiment With Your Cooking Skills

Often times on rainy days our appetites are strong. The thought of a delicious, warm meal sounds inviting. Since you don’t want to jump in your car and battle the wet cold, why not cook a healthy, tasty meal in your own kitchen? You probably have enough food in your refrigerator and cupboards that you can come up with something scrumptious and different. Even a homemade soup can hit the spot on rainy days.


Get Crafty

Rainy days are perfect for staying indoors and getting creative. You can make that scrapbook you’ve been putting off, create a vision board with your future goals, draw pictures or rearrange the furniture. With each item that you create, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment.


Read a Book

You probably spend time reading news on your iPhone, watching television and listening to music, but when is the last time you sat down and read a book? There are lots of excellent novels available, and when you get immersed in a great story, time flies and you don’t want to put the book down. Some books can get so intriguing that you let everything else go just to finish the book.


Stay in Bed All Day

If staying in your comfortable bed, wrapped in your cozy pajamas all day is your guilty pleasure, a rainy day gives you a great excuse to do that without being called lazy. Surround yourself with warm blankets, books, your phone, and great food. This is the perfect time to order take-out delivery while watching movies or television. This is a blissful, restful way to spend a rainy day.


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Whether you’re in the mood for a cosmetic makeover, a magical massage, a new haircut or a mani/pedi, MOBILESTYLES PROs will show up at your house and create a new look for you! You don’t even have to get cold or wet. You deserve a day of rest and relaxation. Let MOBILESTYLES spoil you.

Rainy days can be just what you need to recharge, regroup and do something different from your normal routine. So let the black clouds in and bring the rainy day activities on. Eventually, the sun will be back out, warm and strong.

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