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Beard Care Routine Keeping That Beard Under Control

Beard Care Routine: Keeping That Beard Under Control

The longer the beard, the more it lends itself to chaos — we tell you how to tame it with this beard care routine.

This beard care routine will have you feeling like a new man!

Beards are back and they are more magnificent than ever. However, with great power comes great responsibility (and a beard care routine), and a lot of men seem to look past that part. Beards can be a really nice accessory to your face and give you a whole new look. If you’re not taking care it of right, it’ll start to look unruly and just completely unkempt. We’re here to tell you that it’s not cute. Here’s how to keep your beard under control and keep looking stylish.


Regular Trims

Getting your beard and mustache regular trimmed, even if you’re trying to grow it out, will keep it from looking like you live on a deserted island. As your beard grows, the hairs will grow at random lengths and directions. Getting it trimmed will keep those crazy little hairs at bay. You can do this yourself at home with a pair of small scissors or go to a salon and get it done professionally.


Beard Oil

There is this common misconception with men that they don’t need to use any beauty products. All they need is a 12-in-1 body wash that acts like soap, shampoo, face wash, and degreaser for their stoves. This is not the case at all. If you want to keep your beard under control and looking incredible, you’ll need to stock up on products. One product that you’ll benefit from is beard oil. Most oils come with the right vitamins your beard will need to stay healthy, soft to the touch, and looking sleek.


Beard Wash

Yes, you should absolutely wash your beard! No, this should not be the same shampoo you put on your head. There are specific shampoos designed for the hair type that is your beard. Depending on what exactly you need for a wash, there is a product for that. Sometimes you could have an extra frizzy beard, and you can buy a wash that will keep that frizz at bay. Some washes have a lot of moisturizing ingredients that you typically won’t find in a shampoo.


Beard Comb

Just because it’s not your hair on the top of your head, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to get brushed. As your beard grows, it will start to get debris stuck in it, a little tangled in itself, and just start to look like a big bird’s nest. Take the time every morning to brush it out and you’ll extend the life and quality of your beard.



This step isn’t really necessary, but we highly recommend you blow dry your beard at least once in your life to really see how amazing it would look with a little bit of self-care. You can do this yourself at home with a round brush or get it done professionally to make it look exactly how it should. Either way, we think this should be part of every beard care routine!


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