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Amazing Apps to Start Using in 2022

Amazing Apps to Start Using in 2022

Our phones can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, but luckily there are some amazing apps out there that can help make life a bit easier and more fun.

These are some amazing apps to keep you motivated, organized, and stylish.

There are a plethora of amazing apps to choose from in the App Store. Games, productivity, photography, reading — you name it, there's an app for it! Functional apps are the best in terms of having your life in order, but of course, your lifestyle will determine the best apps to have on your phone at all times.

We've compiled a list of several apps we think you should download if you haven't already. Most of these apps are free or have free versions with expanding options once you decide to purchase the apps after trying them out.



An online cookbook at your fingertips. Search recipes based on your preferred diet, vegan, keto, low-carb, comfort food, and so on. Save your favorite recipes for later or add the ingredients to your cart and pick them up from Walmart. The Tasty app is convenient and allows you to look over reviews that others have left on the recipe your considering making.



If you're looking to start a fitness journey, this app is for you! You can use the free version or opt to purchase the Elite version for just under $40 a year. Don't know where to start on your fitness journey? No problem. The app has some pre-built workout routines that you can begin with, or you can customize the routines to your specifications. The app will track your workouts and provide you with progress reports that will give you detailed information on how much you're working out and where the most focus is.

Log onto their website and get additional information on their blog that will provide you with answers to your most asked questions, tips on supplements, nutrition tips, and more.



The everything-in-one-place platform. Customize what you want to read about with the various categories to choose from so you see the articles that you're interested in and nothing else. Flipboard showcases all of your favorite news sources and houses everything in one place, so you don't have to jump from website to website to find the articles that you want to read. Save, share, flip into a magazine that you create, or choose to see less of that type of material; it's all customizable to your preferences.


Google Calendar

Not only is the Google Calendar free, but it has all the necessary components you need to run your life. Send calendar invites, take notes, add a location, add multiple calendars for various activities, jobs, or events in your life. With the ability to color-code and time block to keep everything organized, you can't go wrong with this app. Easy to use and it has a beautiful and simple interface, why choose anything else?



Great for sending and receiving money on a personal level, it's also great for freelancers that need to send out invoices. Add your logo and business information. Send out reminders for outstanding invoices, create templates, and customize the way a client can pay you. Receive your money the same day (for a small fee) or opt for receiving it the next business day.



This communication app is great for team collaboration. Use the free version or, for bigger businesses, get the paid version. Send documents, pictures, communicate with your team, or with a specific team member. Slack integrates with various other apps, plus you can have multiple workspaces if you need to communicate with various networks.



Your personal barber, hair stylist, masseuse or nail technician. When you need some much-needed self-care and don't have time between all your obligations to battle traffic on the way to a salon, this app brings the stylists directly to your home. You've probably already ordered food delivery with an app - why not give yourself a day of at-home pampering, too?

These amazing apps will help you stay organized, keep you informed, motivate you to stay fit, communicate with all of your people, and still leave you looking stylish. 2022 is the year to make your life easier and streamlined. So, get to installing — and start using these apps to make your life easier!


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