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Our Top 10 Spring Cosmetics

Our Top 10 Spring Cosmetics, Ladies' Edition

Fill up your online shopping cart with the best health and beauty spring cosmetics for women.

We’ve chose 10 of the best spring cosmetics for 2022.

During the cold winter months, almost everyone’s skin dries up like a prune, pushing us to head to the local beauty store and stock up on moisturizing products like lotions, facial creams, serums.  The winter simultaneously urges us to live in the dark ages of color palettes.

But now that winter is coming to an end, it’s time to freshen up with some spring cleaning in our medicine cabinet and makeup bag. That’s right, you heard it correctly, there comes a point when you need to say goodbye to the heavy-duty moisturizers you’ve been applying all day long, or the burgundy polish you’re tired of using. We know how stressful shopping can be when there are a plethora of brands out there to choose from, so we’re here to help you!

We've laid out the top spring cosmetics suggestions for both men and women, because you simply can’t treat your body this season the same way you did last season. New season, new you.

Gentlemen, head over to this article for your product list.

Ladies, keep reading.


1. Supergoop!’s Unseen Sunscreen

The first product on our list is sunscreen (of course). As the sun’s rays get stronger, our skin becomes more susceptible to their damage. We recommend trying Supergoop!’s Unseen Sunscreen. It has a transparent application, so you don’t have to worry about rigorously blending it into your skin. It’s also lightweight, so it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing tons of product on your face. Plus, it works with all skin types – normal, dry, combination, and oily. PRO tip: keep an additional bottle of sunscreen in your purse or car, in case you forget to apply before leaving the house.


2. Tower 28 Beauty SOS Save.Our.Skin Daily Rescue Facial Spray

Next up, we have Tower 28 Beauty SOS Save.Our.Skin Daily Rescue Facial Spray. Try saying that 10 times fast! Facial sprays are an excellent way to freshen up your skin, especially during a heatwave. They come in real handy at music festivals, too, when you have to stand in the hot sun all day long.

Tower 28 Beauty’s facial spray is special. It’s power-packed with natural ingredients that simultaneously combat acne while providing you with the cool, fresh feeling you crave during the spring. So, next time you’re sweating, don’t stress - just spritz on some SOS Facial Spray.


3. Kérastase Resistance Length Strengthening Shampoo

The winter cold also has a tendency to be tough on hair and scalp, which explains why dandruff shampoo sales skyrocket during the season. For springtime, you’ll want to put away your trusty bottle of Head and Shoulders and give Kérastase Resistance Length Strengthening Shampoo a try instead. This shampoo helps repair damaged ends and is designed to promote healthy hair growth, which results in longer strands. 


4. Natasha Denona’s Love Glow Cheek Palette

As much as we love dark, winter palettes like burgundy, navy, or brown - it’s time to mix it up with some bright, bold color! Natasha Denona’s Love Glow Cheek Palette was made with the perfect shades of pink to add some flavor to your look this spring.

PRO tip: combine the blush with some makeup primer and voilà! You have yourself a new, awesome eye shadow color. Multipurpose is what we live for.


5. Chanel's Crayons de Parfum

Ladies, don’t forget to change perfumes as we change seasons. Spring is famous for its sweet-smelling scents. Give Chanel’s latest concoction a try: Crayons de Parfum. With these crayons, you now have the ability to carry your favorite perfume wherever you go, without worrying about spills or breakage in your purse. Just run the crayon along your neck, wrist, or chest, and you’ll be smelling sweeter than ever. Best part? The set comes with four different essences to choose from so you can alternate as you please.


6. Fenty Beauty's Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer

You can never go wrong with lip gloss in the spring, and this soft pink choice by Fenty Beauty is a keeper. It looks great and also contains shea butter to hydrate lips to give you that luscious feeling. The gloss has a peach and vanilla scent - a perfect combination of smells for spring.

This product also comes in five other colors. In case you fall in love with it and just have to have it in all six shades, Rihanna’s got you covered.


7. Fresh’s Hesperides Grapefruit Bath Shower Gel

What screams “Spring!” more than grapefruit? Fresh’s Hesperides Grapefruit Bath Shower Gel will have you smelling yummy this season. With warmer temperatures ahead, now you can look forward to showering. This product will turn your bathroom into a citrus wonderland.

Fresh’s shower gel contains shea butter to moisturize the skin and keep you feeling hydrated after you’ve stepped out of the shower. PRO tip: if you plan on showering in the morning time, use this gel. The citrus odor will energize and wake you up for the day ahead.


8. Olehenriksen’s Truth Juice Daily Cleanser

Speaking of citrus, Olehenriksen’s latest cleanser is a must-have for spring! This cleanser is powerful - it’s made to remove all kinds of products from the face - and the fresh scent will certainly brighten up your mood. PRO tip: pair it with Fresh’s grapefruit shower gel for the perfect morning pick-me-up before starting your day.


9. Gucci’s Rouge à Lèvres Voile Sheer Lipstick in Three Wise Girls

Up your springtime aesthetics with Gucci’s Rouge à Lèvres Voile Sheer Lipstick in Three Wise Girls. The lipstick case actually comes with a floral design, and the “pinky red” color represents spring so well, the product might as well be the official spring mascot! Additionally, if you celebrate Easter, this color would be the perfect go-with for every Easter-themed dress.


10. Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum

Yet another citrus product? Yes! We have to put this one out there. Drunk Elephant’s C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum is made to brighten and firm. After washing and drying your face, apply the serum. Once you’ve finished applying, it’s vital to store this product in a cool area, like your fridge, to keep the ingredients active and working. This serum, unfortunately, does not last long after opening, so it’s wise to use it as often as possible to ensure it stays fresh.

PRO Tip: for our citrus lovers out there, pair with Olehenriksen’s Truth Juice Daily Cleanser and the Fresh grapefruit shower gel for the perfect blend.

Gentlemen, if you've not checked it out already, head over to this article for your product list.

Did you enjoy our list of spring cosmetics? Let us know what you would have included!


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