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How to turn quothisquot wardrobe into a ldquohersrdquo wardrobe

How to turn "his" wardrobe into a “hers” wardrobe

Add little feminine touches to his clothes and make them yours!

Many of us have been there. We break up with a boyfriend and the remnants of the relationship (a.k.a. his clothes) linger in your apartment. Or you have that ill-fated one night stand and you can’t possibly put that liquor-soaked dress back on. Or on a much happier note, you’ve spent the whole night on Netflix and Chill mode at your boyfriend’s and have nothing to change into before dinner with the parents. Either of these situations can pose a social or emotional crisis. We're here to help.

Have you ever wondered, “Oh, If I could just fit this guy’s clothes!” Well, we've got some good news for you. Not only can you rock his clothes, but you can also turn them into your own creation. Adding little feminine touches to your "His turned Hers" wardrobe gives you a little edge. All it takes is a little imagination!


Let’s start with his sweater

Tops are the easiest thing to transform into your new wardrobe piece. His v-neck or crew neck sweater can serve as your new sweater dress! Make this look feminine by allowing it to hang off of the shoulder, giving you a little extra length at the bottom. Add some heels (boots or strappy sandals) and a choker necklace. Top it off with a dainty little clutch purse. 


Change up the dress shirt

Let’s say you've found a dress shirt lying around. At first glance, you may feel hopeless but that shirt may just be your saving grace! You can turn this shirt into a cool tube top with these three tricks.

First, button the top just below your chest. You then take the arms of the shirt and wrap them around your chest like a big hug. Fasten them into place with a couple of safety pins. Lastly, grab a leather jacket and some high heel sandals to complete the look.

You can also add a flashy little brooch over the first button, a handbag, and some statement earrings. Pull your hair up into a fashion pony (if you've got it long!) and rock this look like a pro!


The finishing touch: the blazer, or the trench coat

There is nothing more sophisticated than a blazer, even if it is his, well... for now. Let the blazer wrap you up! Put the blazer on, roll up the sleeves a bit until it is at three-quarter length or just at your elbows. Take one side of the blazer and wrap it to be fastened with a couple of safety pins on the inside of the jacket. Then take the other side and fasten it with a few safety pins. Place a belt around your natural waist to tie it all together. Finish the look by adding brooches to cover the buttons or buttons slits.

Here’s a pro tip: if you don’t have any brooches, get a pair of your statement earrings and put them in their place, for a little extra bling.


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