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Flashback 90s Fashion Comeback

Flashback! '90s Fashion Comeback

Believe it or not, these trends from the past may just surprise you and suit your personality well. Here comes the '90s fashion comeback!

The '90s fashion comeback is sending us back to our favorite era!

The most iconic trends are back and they’ve brought some of their best looks with them! We've all heard the old saying that fashion recycles itself. If you take a look at photos and old magazines from the previous decades, you’ll definitely see some familiar looks, some iconic looks, and some looks that should stay in the past. Let’s break down the '90s fashion comeback!


Matching Sets (& printed separates) 

We’ve seen them slowly but surely make their way into the spotlight and they’ve never looked better - and not just for women! The matching set, whether it be a monotone moment or printed separates, are just as fabulous as they were back in the 90s. Slightly modernized, the look has been seen on A-listers and influencers, and prestigious fashion houses to small boutiques are shelling out their take on the ever-so-popular matching set!



These little convenient guys are back on the scene and thank our fairy fashion mothers for that. This trend is suited for all, men and women, and with all of the new designs on the market, you’ll find something for every fashion sense from sleek and classic to fun and playful. 


Bobs and bangs

Bangs are back… and it brought bobs with it. We used to see all kinds of bangs in the 90s, like the feather bang on D.J. Tanner of Full House to the sexy supermodel side-swept bang on Lily Aldridge. They’re back and as it stands, all bangs are fair game.

As for bobs, it seems like they became reserved for mothers who needed an easy hairstyle for the morning, but now bobs are fair game for everyone. Some of the hottest, sleek, and sexy bobs we've seen are those the likes of what Hailey Baldwin is sporting. We've even seen a chic bob haircut on Kim Kardashian-West.


Denim skirts, denim shirts, denim overalls, and everything in between

Denim on denim on denim! The jean is back and in overalls and skirts. These looks have been gone for so long, especially the skirt, but in true “Clueless” fashion (yes, the movie), the denim skirt is back. It’s accompanied by overalls, and the monochromatic denim on denim look.



We never thought we'd see the day that neon would be back and celebrated as much as it is today. Celebrities are pushing neon back into the spotlight with subtle hints and accent pieces and even shoes! The best way to ease this trend back into your wardrobe is by adding a pop of neon with a shoe or handbag, then add more pieces as you feel you can incorporate them.


Crop tops

Crop tops are back, and there is no age limit to them this time. It used to be almost the model uniform… crop tops and “mom jeans.” Mom jeans made their way back into fashion a few years ago and now it’s time for the crop top to join in.

Fashion is forward nowadays and no matter what your age, weight, stature, or whatever, you can celebrate a good crop top. Try printed crop tops as an easy way to add an interesting statement to your wardrobe.



There was a time when you could see a choker on just about any girl walking down the street. Now they are back - in a modern way. There are chokers embellished with crystals, diamonds, made of fabric and the like. The moral of the story is, just about anyone can find a look they like for this choker trend.


Visible lip liner

Lip liner is back and better than ever. Remember when our favorite stars like J. Lo used to rock the visible lip liner look? Just about everyone would flock to the shelves to get the latest colored lip pencils. Well, it was only a matter of time before this look made its way back. Lip kits are by far the biggest ticket item in beauty these days and mixing and matching the lip liners only add to artistic expression. 


Body glitter and shimmer make up

After it hit in the 90s (and it hit hard) we thought it would be one of those flames that burned out rather quickly, and it did. But the flame has been reignited, this time in the form of body glitter and shimmery makeup no less. It looks great in a smoky eye and even better in a more ethereal look, but anyone can pull it off.


Tousled hair

Last but certainly not least, the tousled hair. This look was iconic on models like Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer which made this hairstyle famous. Every girl wanted "that hair" and nowadays it’s just as epic. Models like Emily Ratajowski have given this look a spin and can we just say, it still gives us major model hair envy. Try it out and see how you like it!

We hope you liked us taking you through the current ‘90s fashion comeback! Will you be rocking the era’s fashion? Let us know!


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