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Top Menrsquos Fashions Trends of 2022

Top Men’s Fashions Trends of 2022

We've already broken down the upcoming women's fashion trends, so now here's everything you need to know about men’s fashion trends of 2022!

These men’s fashions trends of 2022 are what everyone is paying attention to this year!

With 2022 starting, this year has the potential to define the next 10 years. You’ll actually be surprised to see how many pieces from our past are resurfacing for 2022 and coming back with a bang. Here are some iconic men’s fashion trends of 2022.


1. High-waisted Trousers

It seems like men are really starting to understand why some women's fashions are so amazing. High-waisted trousers are becoming quite the trend among men this season, as it showcases their figures in a chic, flattering way. We are bringing the 40s back for this decade and we totally get it. You can never go wrong with a high-waisted trouser. Style a pair of these trousers with a casual T-shirt for a modern twist on an old-fashioned look.


2. Chain Necklaces

A trend we remember very well in the early 2000s, chain necklaces have made a comeback in the younger generation’s style. Apps like TikTok are showcasing young men rocking these minimal style chain necklaces, usually paired with a simple and casual outfit.


3. Tie-Dye

One of the more popular trends happening in men’s fashion this year is, surprisingly, tie-dye sweatshirts. Men are getting bold and confident with their color palettes this year by including a little bit of a throwback fashion (one may say it used to be thought of as tacky). You can wear a more muted tie-dye sweatshirt for a laid-back look with a little bit of pastel color, or go bold with the classic tie-dye pattern we all know so well. Pair this with a pair of joggers and slides and you’re ready for the most casual day of your life.


4. Crossbody Bags

It seems like men are starting to realize how incredibly convenient small bags truly are! Crossbody bags have become quite the trend among men, proving their utility as well as style. Call it a crossbody bag, call it a glorified fanny pack, or even call it a murse. Whatever your name for it, we’re loving it! We love how effortlessly crossbody bags jazz up any outfit, casual or fancy. Keep your belongings safe without the extra bulge in your pant pockets and grab one of these this year.


5. Patchwork Print Shirts

Yes, we also were amazed. Patchwork prints are back, in a loud, unapologetic way. Patchwork print shirts are a great way to make a statement without having to wear something that could be uncomfortable. Wear one of these button-down shirts with a plain white T-shirt underneath for a nice contrast in patterns.


6. Slides

2019 was famously known as the Gucci slides heyday, and that trend is sliding right into this new year as well (pun intended). Slides are incredibly comfortable footwear that will dress down any outfit. Pair these slides with jeans, suit pants or even those high-waisted trousers for an incredibly unique look.


7. Track Jackets and Windbreakers

And of course, 90s fashions are in full swing this year. Windbreakers and track jackets are making quite the comeback among both men and women, especially the younger generation. Track jackets are a great way to start layering your outfit without the added bulk of a thicker jacket. This look is perfect for spring and early summer. Pair one of these jackets with a plain T-shirt and jeans for a subtle homage to the 90s.

Hopefully this list of men’s fashion trends of 2022 gave you an idea what to look into this year!


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