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6 Womenrsquos Day Celebration Ideas

6 Women’s Day Celebration Ideas!

To get you in the spirit of International Women's Day, we've rounded up some great Women’s Day celebration ideas for you this year!

Here are 6 great Women’s Day celebration ideas you should know about!

The theme for International Women’s Day on March 8, 2020, is Each For Equal: “an equal world is an enabled world”. Who doesn’t want gender equality? Today we’ve rounded up 6 Women’s Day celebration ideas!


1. Show your support on social media

Strike the Each For Equal pose and use the #eachforequal hashtag on Instagram to show your support on social media and help to spread awareness. If you can’t attend a march or event, this is a great option to show your solidarity for International Women’s Day and the movement!

2. Events

There are thousands of International Women’s Day events all around the world. These events include conferences, festivals, speaking events, performances, and so much more, making it easy to find an event near you that will spark your interest. Use this search to find an inspiring event near you to join in on the celebrations!


3. Create your own event

Celebrate International Women’s Day by creating your own event with the women in your life. Whether it’s a simple girls' night with your best friends, lunch with your mom, aunt or grandmother, or a celebration with the women you work with.


4. Educate yourself

Research the issues that women are faced with daily, on a domestic and global scale. Watch documentaries, and read books created by women that discuss women's issues in the world. Education is key so we, in turn, are able to educate others.

5. Donate and volunteer

Donate money to causes that benefit women. Volunteer your time to help support charities and organizations that support women's causes. An added bonus about volunteering is that you’re able to meet other women who are passionate about girl power!


6. Be kind

It’s especially important this time of year to be extra kind to our fellow women. Being a woman can be really hard, and what makes it easier is the love, support, and kindness from other women so we know we’re never alone in our struggles and in our success.

We hope you enjoy these Women’s Day celebration ideas!


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