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These Sleep Wellness Tips Will Help You Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

These Sleep Wellness Tips Will Help You Get the Best Sleep of Your Life

Keep sleep at the top of your priority list with these sleep wellness tips.

These sleep wellness tips are great for helping you get your sleep back on track.

Remember those days when we dreaded the thought of putting up our toys and taking a nap? It interrupted our playtime, forced us to lie still, and sometimes made us forget what we were talking about with Barbie and Mr. Teddy Bear at tea time. What a hassle! My, how the tables have turned.

If there is one thing we could all use as adults, it’s more sleep. Most adults would do anything to put away their work and snuggle up for an afternoon snooze. Sounds like heaven, right? Well, what if we told you we could help you find a little piece of heaven on Earth by getting the best sleep of your life EVERY night. Yes, it’s possible!

What are the trade-offs for not getting a good night’s sleep? Well, for starters it shows up on your face and in your performance. You may notice that you have a hard time getting out of bed. You are dragging and in desperate need of COFFEE. And when you finally do get up from a less restful sleep you may look in the mirror and see a dull complexion, bags under your eyes, dark circles, tired and dry skin. It literally looks like a little goblin came in the middle of the night and sucked the life out of you!

Which is kinda true - follow us on this.

All of the work you did yesterday, all of the stress, everything you did to and for your body the day before is usually “fixed" overnight. Your cells regenerate. Your mind is set at ease. Your body is at complete rest. Sleep may be the only time when you are in complete relaxation. So, if you don’t get enough sleep or a terrible night’s sleep, your body can never fully recover. That’s what you see on your face and feel in your body the next day. The friendly goblin never got a chance to fix you. 

So, how can you get the best night’s sleep every night? Check out the sleep wellness tips we’ve listed below — we recommend giving them all a try for the best sleep of your life. 


1. Acknowledge your body clock. 

You may want to go out and have a few drinks during happy hour or stay up late to meet your deadline. It’s not worth it. You’re tired and you won’t put forth your best work or be much fun at the bar. If your body says go to bed, it’s best to listen to it. Your body clearly knows something you don’t intuitively know. Your body may be on its last leg and in need of rest. Your brain may be ready to shut off and it’s best to be in bed by then.

2. Sleep with sounds.

One thing that helps drown out unwanted noise is better noise. And by "noise" we mean sleep sounds. It could be as simple as rain sounds, the wind, or the ocean. These sounds give the mind something steady and peaceful to focus on as you slip into a deep sleep rather quickly. It also drowns out the neighbors, dogs, and any other unpleasant noise that may keep you up at night. You can find some really good ones on YouTube that play all through the night (ten hours!), use an app like “Calm,” or purchase a sound machine.

3. Bed before 10 pm.

Getting to bed before 10 or at 10 pm seems to be the sweet spot for most human beings. Even if you can’t get to bed before 10, make sure you get to bed before midnight. Scientific studies show that getting to bed before then is better for your sleep pattern and health. It also sets your body on a healthy body clock that leads to all sorts of benefits like a better mood, healthier complexion and skin, more alert, and better performance throughout the day!

We hope these sleep wellness tips help you catch some Zzzs!


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